Hellos folks
Aye its me! The year is nearly over! Yep nearly! another 5 hours left.
I look back and think about the last 12 months and all i can remember is @#$%^&^*^%
Yes, i have no clue what that is! 

Yes, i returned from KNP. The trip was good! Saw rhinos, wild boars! Mmm...yummy! Herds of deer, huge wild elephants with really huge scary tusks. The elephant rides were a lot cooler. Man those things eat like hell and their shit smells real bad!!! In contrast the safari was disappointing. No wild cats :( My sis was happy not to be eaten alive.

I left for Jorhat the next day! Its dad's hometown and i have practically everyone living over there. I love my village :) This trip was supposed to lift my spirits up and get me out of the depression but sadly....that didn't work out one bit. I promised pics...i will get them here soon.

Abby came here..so i had to come home soon! Well it was worth it. Meeting old friends and hanging out. Pizza hut, CCD, snooker and beer! that's bout it. Anyways, fifteen more days till i return back to chennai! i don't know even if i am looking forward to it or not. I miss Maddy. Being away from here....during the worst depression ever to have faced really sucks. But....crap!

No plans for tonight as of yet. Just plain old night with family. Tomorrow starts a new year. That means new resolutions. yes i have a few. Watched 3 idiots with 5 idiots. don't know which idiot i am. Ok folks see you tomorrow. 

2010 will be good for me! yes it will be! i will come out of everything (no not my chaddis)

Till then, am happy being MISERABLE

Wishing you a Happy New Year 

P.S| the heading means nothing :) 

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Abby said...

the trip was completely worth it

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