Hey folks
Me back home. And as the heading says, its bloody cold here. I am yet to get a proper broadband connection at home. So till then am busy doing all the stuff that i should have taken care of long time ago. 

First on top of the list, is a complete ENT checkup. I went to see the doc regarding the breathing problem i have been having for over 4 months now. Doc says, my nose bone is twisted. o_O
i mean i don't exactly remember getting into a fist fight. But yea i do remember bleeding all of a sudden for a couple of days. Went for an x-ray, still waiting for the results. So till then am busy gobbling up the tablets and inhaling menthol as fast as humanly possible. Also i got a new bank account :) yea, its Standard Chartered this time. Mom's doing her best to keep me happy by cooking my favorite dishes. And yea i cut down on cigarettes now. Its not exactly safe smoking here. Though the cold weather makes it even more tempting, am controlling my urges :D

Met Tannu, Upala yesterday. It's fun meeting friends you have known since IIIrd standard. Abby is coming in a couple of days. Its gonna be a fun MVM reunion sorta thingy. Oh i love being home. Still working on around 5 posts continuously now... hafta publish within  a week. Till then am lazing around. Oh yea, brought a new novel "the girl who kicked the hornet's nest" by Larsson. Its the 3rd book of the famous Millenium series and boy oh boy its a total page turner. I don't remember another fantastic anti-heroine than Lisbeth Salander. Hats off to the author who unfortunately died before he could see his book's successes.

New Moon! Am yet to watch it. Half of the hall's are showing the hindi verion "amavashya"
Eww...couldn't they even find  a better name??? Anyways...off i go now. Momo's calling :)

See you around folks
Hakuna Matata

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Eyeshadow said...

Tannu,upala..???God save me...dont you have frienz who r guys huh??newys pls come back after a complete treatment els dont come...

sulagna said...

ENT ??? kya hua?? and oh i call Standard Chartered StanC...sounds nicer ?

and i saw new moon..was slurrpiingggg over jacob balck AND edward cullen ..jao jaldi dekh k aao

freelancer said...

@ eyeshadow
you dun have to be J

u r far more above my priority list than them :)

freelancer said...

@ sulagna

i need company to watch that movie...can't just take anyone.
And my gal made it pretty clear, if she ain't the one i watch with, then i have limited days to breathe :)

P.S| i love Alice Cullen

SiLeNt WaVeS said...

ENT???ahem ahem....tujhe kya hogaya !!!!! lolzzz....take loads of care!!! happy vacs... :)

Sunakshi said...

Freelancer-nice blog! :)

even i am yet too to watch new moon,but alas!none of my cousin and friend is free these days.i'll be watching it soon anyhow but xD

have fun ^_^

Abby said...

y??? jus tell me y wud u wanna torture urself by watchin new moon?? bloody edward "the gay" cullen!

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