Morning Folks. Its been a lazy beginning. Woke up a whole lot later. Half the day is already gone. Have to be content with little hearts and britannia cake for breakfast :) Munching them now. Am in a very very good mood though. Manchester United crushed Everton yesterday.
3-0. Brilliant goals by Fletcher, Carrick and Valencia. Watch out Chelsea, here we come.

Yesterday was ok shokay. Day was boring. Full sunshine. No clouds in the sky. That meant it was bloody hot as hell. Better remain indoors..That's what i learnt here. Nothing to write anymore today. A slight nagging headache. Might update tomorrow. Life is boring like hell. A fellow blogger and friend says that my humour quotient has reduced drastically. *sigh*
Even i know that. Its hard to maintain that in every post.

Gotta go now. Bye

5 heartbeats:

Anonymous said...

Wake up bro!!!

Do something worth :P

Urvashi said...

little hearts.... wow..I love them!! :)

Abby said...

chennai is still HOT !!! man here its perfect....jus chilly enuff not to use a fan :)

Escapist said...

Thats some time turns down of life.................Take that space out and fill it with some will feel good...


Shimmer said...

it iss pretty borin nowdays,

funny that in rain its impossible to go out and on sunny days its bttr nt to o out o_9

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