Tomorrow seems to be a pretty long time looking at my last post. Anyways better late than never. Atleast am here once again. These days following my last post were pretty boring, pathetic and awful. Boring coz i had nothing to do. Pathetic coz i didn't have net connection and awful because.... hell its always awful.

I don't remember when was the last time i so desperately wanted the year to end so that the new year atleast brings some good things/news/moments for me. If anyone of you wondered why i was so out of contact with you guys, not even a miscall or an occasional text, well that's because my cell got stolen. Oh yea! with it the cash from my wallet too. The bloody thief came right to my room, took the cell right from the side of the pillow where i put my head while sleeping and made merry with it! Unluckily in that process, my roomie's cell also got the same treatment. Two mobiles, gone! And next morning my wallet was found in our neighbor's porch whose house was also raided. So, basically they thought it was me! HAH!

Atleast that jerk had the decency to leave a 5 rupee note for my morning cup of tea. Hence i lost all my contact numbers. So if you good folks don't mind, kindly email me all your numbers. I would be eternally grateful. The only thing bright about last week was that atleast i got my net connection back. I missed my FARM! :)

What is it with me and crap? Somehow it follows me like my own shadow! Good times don't last long. I know that. But one good thing 'bout bad times is that even they don't last long. But honestly, i have had enough! Was supposed to be in Kolkata and Delhi in dec. looks like none of it is gonna materialise anytime soon. Mom rings up everyday in my landline and tries to console me for my loss. Hehe. who am i kidding? It was a 1500 bucks phone! Still i made it clear that by dec 10th, me gonna get a new high-end classy phone. Maybe an E71 or a Blackberry Curve! I wish Nokia released 7705 TWIST in India soon!

Anyways today was an ordinary day. I slept last night so much that i didn't feel like even sleeping till 10 in the morning. Had a whole packet of Little Hearts for breakfast. That's good stuff, you know. Better than cornflakes itself. Redecorated my farm a bit. Made that BonJovi 'its a nice day' logo with hay bales. Studied a bit. Have arrear papers mate!
My roomie wanted to go out in the evening. Suddenly he had this maniacal notion of having burgers else he will fall sick or something! Burgers! the thought of it makes my tummy grumble. So off we went. To the only place who can actually give KFC a run for their worth! The JUGHEAD JONES BURGER joint! Awesome burgers!!! Burp!!! Pit stopped at Cafe Coffee Day too for a Devils Own. Yummy!! :) :D

Alright, won't be writing bout the night. I studied that time. Yea you heard it right.
Well stop wondering! Have a paper tomorrow mateys. So, am off to sleep now! Till then, keep praying for a better day for me!

Hakuna Matata

P.S| looks like Gulabo misses MDR. I was about to postpone it for another day, you know! yea am a lazy bum. But can't disappoint my favorite blogger na! Come soon, Rose!

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Anonymous said...

Mridu.. I am sorry! :P Yes, console-
ing.. for losing you 1500 Rs (!!!!!!) phone :((

Yup Little heart.. I LOVE Them!!

Send me gifts in Farm na!!!

Take care!

freelancer said...

what do u need in farm? :)

Abby said...

it NOT 'its a nice day'....its "HAVE a nice day".....and 7705 aint gonna be released till end of next year........dun go for e71 cuz e72 is gonna be launched soon....and i aint givin u my number......moron find it urself :p

freelancer said...

i dunt have money to buy e72. care to donate?

Anonymous said...

I want chicken!!! :)))

freelancer said...

lols...go to KFC

Rose said...

muaah muaahh...:*
i love mdr...i love my blog...i love blogging...but i need time to return...clg keeps me so busy...nvr imagined it wud b so interesting and hectic :D

Abby said...

stop blowin it off on kfc and booze and save it :p

freelancer said...

i dont spend it on booze... but cnt live without kfc

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