The return of a messed up life. Mess-me-chaos-me-mishap-me all are bloody joined together like a infinte carbon bond or something like that. 

For starter's, lets make one thing clear. I got sem-drop! Translation- college didn't allow me to sit for my semester examinations. Reason- abysmal attendance! I know its my fault. But its too late do anything right now. All i can do is clear my arrears now and within this year, clear the remaining papers. Yea i know...tons of pressure. And this is just one of those things on the surface! Love life's been a rocky road. No we are not breaking up. Ever. But the fights have become more frequent and sporadic.... not technically fights, more like skirmishes.
Things with close friends are also a thing to ponder about. Recently had a so-called skirmish with Camellia. Dang! Fervently waiting for the year to end. 

The times are trying me and through this trial i will emerge victorious. Victory belongs to those who believe in it the most. And the longest. And when the grey turns to white i will personally shut those mouths up who dared to doubt me!
And also those who doesn't have faith in me or my heart. Coz i have managed to tame my heart. It beats as one with another. All i can hope is that heart keeps its faith in mine.

Anyways, i am back to the Writer's Lounge. Changed both my blog templates. Cheered for India except for the last ODI where i practically wanted to murder Jadeja and Nehra. Its raining in chennai. Non-stop since the last week. I am loving it :)

Watched Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani. I loved it. Paisa Vasool atleast. Katrina Kaif is Bollywood's reply to Megan Fox. Gotta go. Downloading Smallville season 9. Its a killer season this time! Clark Kent finally embracing his destiny. Got interviewed by Radio One :)
Am all smiles! Got the new orkut invite too...waiting for the wave invite now.

Catch you all tomorrow. MDR is back. Unfortunately

P.S| did my followers just decrease or am i being paranoid?

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Kaka said...

sem drop..thats really fucked up situation....:(....u will emerge victorious dont

Eyeshadow said...

fites hav almost stopped honey..and trust me you are gonna pass through every tough phase of your life...

SiLeNt WaVeS said...

hmmm....gud luck!!!!

Arjun said...

good luck for the next few months..!! Good attitude to have :) Go on....


Abby said...

chill man.....shit happens in life......i of all ppl knw....ave a beer and chill out ;)

Rose said...

still waiting for mdr to return:P
its already 10 days since the last post man :P:P

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