whoa! nobody read me :(

I am happy in a weird way. No mobiles. Atleast it taught me how to use skype :)
morning folks. My roomie went for his exams. So here i am finally after checking on my farm, cafe, mafia, vampire wars, zoo, kickoff, street racing, mob wars, castle age and football premier league in FACEBOOK! yes i play too...
Been there, done that. Read the latest blogs. Commented too i guess! The morning starts now! Skies aren't that blue, dark mean clouds gathering overhead! Cmon! Never heard of chennai getting so much of rain! Damn you global warming!! No tea in the house. Coffee...nopes! Biscuit...nah! Fag...mebbe one left! Good enough for me!

So, yesterday was quite a normal day in FL's aam zindagi. Downloaded 2 episodes of heroes. Went to college to attend my last exam. It was quite good. The examiner made it a point to remind me that my hair was growing at a rather fast pace. Hah!! Jealous oaf! Leave my hair alone! i wanted to scream back! Its all i have got...ofcoz apart from my face :)
Yes, i am in love with myself. Who ain't? Skipped lunch. Though there was chicken in the mess hall and it was very tempting. I could see the chicken legs doing quite a dance in my head as if inviting me to gobble it up. But the fact that i had to wait two hours for that dismissed all romantic notions between me and those leg pieces. Had pau bhaji on my way back. Yummy!! This is the latest craze in me! Cheese pau-bhaji!! Way better than idli and zillions of light years better than the where-you-look-there-it-is pongal!!!

Roomie was still sleeping by the time i reached home. The other bloke was packing his bags. They are going home...one by one!! Holidays! And i have got two more weeks in this unpredictable weather here! Rang up mom! poor woman was all alone. Dad's in office and sis is in Delhi playing basketball! Medal chances are extremely rare looking at the sight and size of her mates! but hell! i am not the one playing this time! Cmon yo gal! Keep the family name alive!!
Grandpa - football
Dad - athletics, volleyball and badminton
Me - football, badminton and taek-won-do
Sis- basketball and athletics
A happy smiling family :)
Though am quite rusty now. Been a long time since i picked a badminton racquet. Taek-won-do is fine. Played for regional while i was in K.V. After coming to chennai...its all over.

Had chicken for dinner. Brought 2 kgs in the hope that yea we can finish it off. Somehow managed to gobble up half! lols. Maddy had vodka last night!! o_O
No, don't ask me! Ask her :)
By 10 pm, a slight headache that was being an irritation finally erupted like a volcano! So didn't stay awake till late. zzzzzzzzzzz....

Downloading Merlin now and listening to 'kaise bataye, kyu tujhko chahe, yaara bata na paaye.....' Love u Aatif for this :)

See you around folks
Hakuna Matata

P.S| err....no P.S

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Kaka said...

i read ur earlier one but was too lazy to comment....even i used to play football and badminton in which i got a scholarship too but now i dont know if i can play....:P....enjoy karo..:)

Anonymous said...

:)) You are weird!!!

freelancer said...

@ kaka
yay!!! u read...thanku :)

freelancer said...

@ nusrath
i am... am i? :P

Abby said...

"taek-won-do" !! wat !! u practice it wit madz?? :p ROFL

Eyeshadow said...


freelancer said...

@ abby
fucker... u wanna try with me??

freelancer said...

@ eyeshadow
ways so funny baby?

Abby said...

ha ha ha......bring it on wwuuuss

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