Ever felt like coming back to a blog out of pity? Yeah? The feeling's mutual mate. And now that I'm here, the 'me' that was brimming with ideas prior to opening this page has vanished again.

So, to the sad person who actually thought I will write something inspiring and funny, I'm actually laughing at you. C'mon this is just a dump. My daily ramblings is officially my once-in-a-while-i-remember-you ramblings.

Speaking of once in while, Maddy visited me. Oh yeah! I met her after a year. Can you believe it?? A year! I was almost a dry-sexual. Anyway, little happened to change that status. But I am not complaining. Anything is better than a year of watching porn and exercising my hand. Its 9th of the month and I'm broke. Yep, girlfriend visiting you can do that. And not to mention it was Deempi's birthday. Who on earth knew that a frigging cake would cost me 1500 bucks. Plus, a school friend's girl visited Chennai and I was asked to be her bodyguard slash guide slash unofficial date for the better of 4 days. So whatever little money I'd hoped to save, went into the pockets of numerous cab drivers with ugly hands.

And Homeshop18 has this unfortunate habit of delivering books when funds are low. So yeah, I might have to survive on someone else. Yet again. The only positive thing I can see so far is that I'm leaving Chennai in less than 30 days.

That's it. I've nothing else to talk about. Atleast for now. See you some other time.

Its FL signing off.

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Keirthana said...

Poor guy! A cake for 1500 bucks, that's crazy man. What kind of cake did you order? And yeah, being broke is a regular business for me ans so I can relate.


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