O o hum adhoore.....i love this song....funky, perky u name it!
My backlogs start tomorrow...yes, kal se. 

So all the shows that i have downloaded are in a hiatus. Good News Flash : Maddy got a job :P yes, bloody fucking WIPRO! God save them now. bwahaha. Anyways am glad. She hopes to get it in Chennai....not the perfect place, but since i am here, it will be perfect. Oh my heart is fultoo garden garden right now.

Days are going fine. Planning to meet Rashi next week. She insists we booze :P Now that's my type of fun. Plus have plans of going to Bangalore last week. Hopefully i will be back when Maddy arrives :P

WIPRO came to college today. For placements. Hope some of my friends get the job. And hope some of them do not :P i need them to go to the UK with me...hehe... 

I miss some of my blogger buddies. Aarthi rarely writes, neither does Nush or Heena or Ste or Esther. Tan da is also busy and Kajal is lost somewhere. Infact the whole TWL gang just disintegrated. And i have no idea where my co-author is.

So its just me and my lappy these days. With a Mac look. Sexy aint it?? Oh and am back to twitter. yeah, during my exams...anyways bye....later

Hakuna Matata

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Shimmer said...

heya :D been a while since i visited this place.. so u plannin to study in UK? wat major?

Freelancer said...

erm...dunno yet...maybe MS in finance or HR or an mba in something

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