And one week later here i am again. This is becoming more of a weekly or bi-monthly trip to my blog than daily ramblings. Blogging has lost the sheen that it once had. Imagine me, who used to blog daily even when i was supposed to be on vacation. Bleh!!! its like a toy gone old. I quit orkut three years ago...somehow i hope i don't end up quitting twitter and blogger too..

Life is being like a bubble-gum that has lost its am just chewing it minute by minute. And it is starting to stick!!! Backlog exams are on as usual.... dunno how good they are going on but hopefully i will be able to clear a few this time. With just one more semester remaining, time surely is flying by.

More bad news. 8th semester was supossed to start from the 5th of January, 11. Now its preponed to the last week of November. Icky stuff i know. Well my plans of going home this December is hanging by a slim thread! Now who the hell has any interest in my life???? Sometimes i wonder what the heck for do i write this blog. I write about me... Suprising that i have more than 50 followers. Well its mostly because i follow them back, but still my life is not so interesting as Paris Hilton or Rakhi Sawant. Oh sigh. Am not complaining. Thank you by the way.

Anyways, who is watching Big Boss 4??? Pamela Anderson's boobs are worth a watch. I am guessing only Khali's hands would fit there :P hehe.... 

Bleh...going shopping today...if the rain stops. Buying a Suit. Yeah!!!
Catch you later folks.
FL signing off
Hakuna Matata 

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