This is going to be the last post of the year. It has been a year of ups and downs, of triumphs and heartbreaks. 2010 started with a bang and no matter what happened in between i will make sure it ends with a bang too.

Remorse, regrets means nothing anymore. I have seen a lot, went through a lot. I might have not turned out wiser but more experienced. Hell one more year passed and if this is the pace it will be time to start a family of my own soon. But bygones is bygones and you probably know all about it if you have followed this erratic, irregular but true to the heart blog. So here's to 2011, a fresh beginning, a fresh committment, a fresh start.

December has been exemplary. i hope i got that spelling right. College on saturday's. gah! weddings, meeting maddy, a new pup in the family, bangalore and manchester united bar. seen everything. classic case of been there, done that.

Only sad thing is my writing suffered. i blog less, write poems even lesser. hell i do not even laugh at my own lines. lol,i used to do that. hope the new year changes things. Won't be online tomorrow. Hope of spending the the last day of the year and the morning of 1st jan with my gal. Together into the future. 

I wont promise that i will be back from 2nd. I do not have faith in my own promises. but if i manage to uphold one resolution, i sure as hell will uphold the rest.

To the year of hopes and promises...of fun and laughter....of love and content...of maturing and experience. welcome.

P.S| Bryan Adams got it right with 'its a new day, its a new dawn'


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Mingled Minds said...

wishing u and u r gal an awsm new yr ahd..hav fun :D

Freelancer said...

thanx dear

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