Life sucks when you have exams 24*7. Life's a whole worse than sucks when u have double papers on a single day. After the sooper first paper, i screwed up Applied Numerical Methods. Am tired of Newton. Found that bloke in chemistry and physics! Now he's in Maths too??? What is he?
Operation Research was pretty good. HOD will be proud of me. He's the only one in the entire department who doesn't think i am a lost cause! The rest have given up! All i can see these days are books and notes. They are everywhere, all over me! Maddy asked whether i found any gal since i haven't been giving her much time. Well, my she ought to be scared! Am married to these notes for the time being!

I am clueless as for what reason i took up engineering. No sane cell of my brain wanted this!! When i was 3, mom said i wanted to be a truck driver! O_o! Then i grew up! The 'space' chapter in the 5th standard science text book blew me away. Wanted to be an astronaut. By the time i was in 9th, i was in two minds whether i wanted to pursue journalism or take up a career in the defense. I knew i was good in both. English was always there in me. Air Force made my heart beat faster. Wanted to fly where the eagles dared. Became one of the best cadets in NCC 'Air Force'. And then i took up engineering! what-the-bloody-fuck! Oh and in between i wanted to be an astro-physicist! Got carried away by the astro-thingy and Newton and Galileo an Einstein nearly brain washed me!

Made a mess of my dreams. But excluding the current situation i am in, i am pretty happy. Mark my words, i will publish my novel on day! And yes, one day i will fly free!

Listening to DDLJ songs for the umpteenth time now. Sometimes i just get carried away in my own dreams. Wish i was Raj Malhotra, cruising in Europe....*sigh* real life's so drastically different from reel life. I hope Raj thinks the same when he sees my life :P The butter chicken that i had for dinner yesterday is growling. Guess he's lonely in the confines of my stomach.
Roomie's being giving me his daily crap 'bout how to end a fight with your partner in a jiffy! Am sure if he doesn't get placed next year he's gonna open his own 24 hours helpline and consultancy service! Fees fixed for males, negotiable for females seeking help (including perks).

All is well in the outer world. Darned CSK reached the finals. Nancy and Afroze have got this irritating habit of reminding me whenever they get the chance. Sis deleted me from her orkut friend list!!! That tiny midget!! Mom misses her bro, i miss my uncle. But i don't have the heart to tell her to get over it. People tend to cling on to memories as they get older.

Awrite, Today's dedication to all the people who enjoys the occasional classic rock. And you would love it more, since its sung by AC/DC. so here you go - "you shook me all night long" by AC/DC. Also if you happen to watch Supernatural, then this song is in Season one OST.

FL quote of the day - "if we aren't supposed to drink and drive, then why do bars have parking lots???"

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Eyeshadow said...

well!!!U r really funny!!Your dreams..hehe...I pray that you become someone whom everybody salutes!!!

Anu...:) said...

Have I missed something or have you put the wrong date in your post title?

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