Jeez, time sure flies away when you are joblessly free!! Look at that! I haven't even posted anything since the day i last posted :) Oh yes, exams are finally over. That's the good thing. The bad thing is that in a fortnight my short-lived vacations will be over too!!!

Know what, i had pox!!! chicken pox!!! i thought i was superman!!! apparently, even superman gets chickenpox! Well i can handle the diseases! What i can't handle is that when people say, "no beta, you can't eat meat...DEFINITELY NOT CHICKEN". so the last 9 days were spent on boiled rice, boiled potatoes, boiled carrots and whatever can be boiled except BOILED EGGS! I was searching for a loophole in this boiled thingy and they plugged that too!

Searching for the cheapest flight from Chennai to Kolkata led me through a 9 hour ordeal via two more cities!!! Chennai-Bangalore-Hyderabad-Kolkata. And the emergence of pox started from any one of those places!!!! Kolkata was fun though!!! Met Abby and his gal. Didn't realize that a tiny bubble that was forming on my cheek was not a pimple but actually a sign of pox. Ignored the body-pain and fever and hogged on chicken and beer for lunch at tangra! Not what my body wanted! But still loved being there. Thanx Abby! Just for the place, the treat was mine :)

A neighbor of mine got married recently. Well it was a surprise! He was close to us and apparently we had no idea someone was taking those dreaded vows. Rumour has it that the chick he got married to was just an acquaintance for about a month and a half! Met at a bar (in guwahati????) and then bam! marriage! Looking at her tummy, i can safely assume it went from 'hey baby' to 'HEY BABY!!!' lols! Well, God save those kids! Speaking of marriage, why do newly wedded women have that glow that just makes you think of things you are not supposed to think of!?

And the weather over here!! Gorgeous!!! Rains on alternate days, breezy and overcast! Oh i am loving snuggling under a blanket! Alone, mind you! Here i lay in bed, hopefully today being my last day in my room!! If this is posted, that means am out finally!!! No chicken or meat for about 5 more days, but hey i can manage! If only beer came out of boobs! Waddaya know? Two of guys favorite things together! :)

Dedication time. A superb soft song from Ice Age 3. You are gonna love it. Alone again, Naturally

P.S| Gulabo, if you are reading, mind keeping this blog alive while i enjoy a tiny vacation???

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Crazy Diamond said...

lol @ gulabo. cute names men have for their girls!

mine called me "cooks" today.. short for cookie.

Hi cooks!
Hi cocks! (i said) he he he he


ok.. get well soon if still unwell. chicken pox suck so much!

the weaher;s good there? its crazy burning hot here!! dilllli !! sickkkkening.

send some rain over here... at least twice in a week

Crazy Diamond said...


yeah that is every guy's fantasy!

●๋•guℓѕнαn●๋•™ said...

awww.........what hapened...when did ya catch chicken pox???? God u must b lukin horrible :D :P
just kidding

Get well soon re :)

freelancer said...

@ di
oh the weather's bloody romantic here. raining regularly... :)

freelancer said...

@ gulshan
false wasnt pox...some irritating scratch!

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