What do you do when you love being at home and yet can't stay one moment indoors??? This is my situation. And by HOME, i mean this place. NOT EXACTLY INDOORS!!

Mom and Dad are at loggerheads. I know i should get involved too, but i would rather stay out of this one! Atleast while being indoors i got hooked to a couple of new tv shows. Oh i love watching 'Accidentally on purpose'. Its frigging hilarious! Hope maybe on day i have my own show. Maybe just as a special appearance or even as an extra on the set of a show i love. FRIENDS is over. But i might still have a chance at How I Met Your Mother.

Met Puneet and MJ yesterday. No you guys don't know them. They are my bestest male buddies in the world and the only chance for them to be famous before they get a job is in my blog. Puneet is being the same guy, the same basketball champ. MJ on the other hand, is sporting a new look. An ugly mound of beard that would put Capt. jack Sparrow to shame. Now apart from the head, there are two more places where he can hold them in a fist. :)

I am still sticking to the no-chicken rule. Blimey! I have to. Dad was ok with the idea of bringing home meat after such a long time but one look from mom and he chickened out. *sigh* ladies rule the kitchen in my family. My waist is decreasing at such a pace that very soon i might be the first guy with size zero figure. I used to wear 30 with 32 being at low waist which was cool. Now it seems even 28 would be large. I need to go shopping for shoes. Need a blue or a green this time. :)

Watched Iron Man 2. Fantastic movie. Scarlett Johannassen was ravishing. I dunno why gals fall for Tom Cruise or Matt Damon when there are guys like Robert Downing Jr, Hugh Jackman and George Clooney! I am a sucker for love stories. MJ narrated his tale of how he went to meet his gal last summer. 18 hours in a train without a seat. Poor bloke sat near the wash basin the whole way. Only love can make you do such crazy things. Hats off man! And i thought i was the one to go to extremes in the name of love. She's one lucky chick!

Dedication time folks. This is one of the best songs ever made last year, the video being awarded the best music video of the year. The OST of Transformers 2 and one of the soundtracks of Vampire Diaries. 21 guns - sung and performed by Green Day

FL quote of the day - "Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale"

Until tomorrow, sayonara folks

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Agnes said...

That's a GREAT quote!

freelancer said...

@ agnes
yea :)

Eyeshadow said...

go to extremes??????

Manas said...

oh...i see dat manas is one helluva lover!!!

Freelancer said...

@ eyeshadow
ahem yes!!

Freelancer said...

@ mj
mite be one but he's also an ass!

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