Hello sunshine

Laziness has conquered me. This is the third day in a row i haven't showered. or changed my boxers. I think its time. Also, my beard and mustache has grown longest till date. Which reminds me, i don't have shaving foam. DAMNATION! Except these, life's all good. I study intermittently, dividing my time between blogging and reading novels. 

Nimue's been begging me to stop doing fantasy reviews :( So yeah, am giving other genre's a chance. Read a historical fiction a couple of days back. That was ermmm....good. Now reading a medical thriller starring Dr. Temperance Brennan. Ooops, heart did another backflip. Gosh i love her!

And yes, cooking too. Without bro and bhabi in the house, i feel like i am in MasterChef Australia without the judges. Brought veal yesterday thinking it was venison. Yes, major facepalm moment happened.  Roomie google'd it and learned it was baby cow. So its in the freezer now. I love beef, roomie can't handle it. Idiot! Good news is that while he is here, i can take a break from the nitty gritty kitchen work, even though i have started liking it. 

Love life is going great. No fights *touchwood*. Mom and Dad are in Kashmir on their second honeymoon *sigh* Anyway, i told them to get some cool stuff from me. Reminded mom that Kashmiri girls are cute. She just muttered something that sounded like 'men!!!'. Anyway, off i go now. See you all soon.

Its FL signing off

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Shreya said...

Lol!! This post was sort of funny. I am smiling here reading all this. Anyways, good luck for your love life :) God bless!!

Freelancer said...

yay! you read!!! thank you so much :P

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