And just like that its weekend. After 5 days of grueling college, its time to rest my ass and my mind. I am just sad that July is practically over. This has always been a good month for me minus a few hiccups ofcourse. Prominent amongst them is that fact that my beloved BlackBerry is lying in service center. In SOMEBODY ELSE'S hands!!! dear dear!!

Gym is fun. I can see my muscles ripping out of my skeleton. Need weight> desperately need a lot of weight. People say its easy to gain weight but hard to lose it. I say, go fish!!! i have been trying to gain weight for years now!!! I changed my diet. I think i did. I started having rice again...which i avoided during my last 5 years. Greeny ghaas-poos are still out of the equation but am introducing one veg a week. *sigh*

My posts are becoming boring yaa. I think am losing my touch, or the humour tag...whatever! Need focus...need anulom binulom.....have to be Yoda!!! Here i am lamenting on and on and there is Sachin notching another double hundred. Some people have the time of their lives on and on. I miss my friends, i miss hanging out with them. Its been a long time, but its okay. I am adjusting slowly. One day, i would love to meet all my blogger mates. Hungry now!!! Roomie is cooking today. That means dinner's on me!! Chalo, atleast will have chicken for lunch. I also need an ipod. if someone wants to sell it...lemme know please...

Oh..its 31st and its Shruti's bday!!! may she have a wonderful day ahead...
Dedication time-i heard this song in the movie 'stranger than fiction' awesome track..... 'Whole Wide World' sung and performed by Wreckless Eric

Until tomorrow, Hakuna Matata

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Anu...:) said...

Wow....surprised that your post had less of whining this time!(although I have visited your blog after a long time!):P

Dipti said...




Freelancer said...

@ anu surprised myself

Freelancer said...

@ dip

Anonymous said...

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Is this possible?

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