Daddy's home. Yea so am back from my self exile. exactly after 40 days. My last post was on Rose's birthday, so its fitting to write the next post on my birthday. Yes, today. I complete 23. i have so many things to write about, so many things to share with you, but am scared if i start i wont stop. I rant a lot. a whole lot. so i will just break my tales into pieces of posts in the upcoming days :)

So its the month of July. The month of the most charismatic people of the world, the LEO's. And yes i am growing old day by day. Right now its 1am, i don't have my BlackBerry with me (which is tragic), am munching on some cold pizzas and yea, no booze whatsoever. More importantly comparing this bday with last year's, i would just prefer to be left alone. Maddy ain't here. No birthday cakes, no family. Friends? haha... even the closest friends forget to wish. The folks who did, i love you guys from my heart. I love you all, but sometimes i do want the attention. I am, after all, a human. Thanks to FB and Twitter, people have reminders.

Anyways, its time i grow up emotionally. Lets face it, people are gonna leave you standing behind one day. Here's a thing for you. Delete all your contacts from your mobile and wait for a couple of days. Just wait to see how many of your friends actually call you and ask for you. Sometimes it feels like i am clinging on to the past, afraid to let go.

Things have been quite hectic. my BB is screwed. will talk 'bout it in the next post. The Writer's Lounge seem distant. No birthday wishes this year for me. It was my home. *sigh*
Anyways, its my day, and i wont let fate screw me over again. Love you all folks. Keep reading please.

Hakuna Matata

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Anonymous said...


Shimmer said...

thats alrite :)
happened to me once, completely neglected on ur b'day.. sad but
oh well

screw them all, have a nice day :D go for a movie in i nox.. waste 3 hours :P and drench urself in the rain (presuming that it will rain 2day :P)

Shantanu said...

Many many happy returns of the day dost.!! Its alright, expectations hurts sometimes. Be your man, do some hectic shopping for yourself, visit a good pub place. Sometimes living for yourself is so outrageous.

You are correct about contacts delete thing. M gona try that.

Have fun. happy birthday.

Dipti said...

happy birthday

have fun.. don't be upset on your day

cold pizzas are good, i like them ehhehe

Freelancer said...


Freelancer said...

Dun think it will rain...still inox...hmmm not bad!!

Freelancer said...

@ shantanu
haha try it...but its the are alone

Freelancer said...

cold coke...thank u dominos

Eyeshadow said...

Happy Birthday dear...well your post kinda made me sad..makes me feel like I couldnt make you happy even on your birthday...but sad thoughts away...its your birthday...just live the day..friends have always been with you and they love and so does your family..its just the way you look at your life...keep smiling always..God bless...

Eyeshadow said...
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