Yes, am an insomniac again. Just can't sleep!! Morning folks. Am not exactly looking forward to college, but then again my hands are tied. Lady luck has an irritating habit of screwing me all the time.

So am no more birthday boy. Stepping into 24, jeez! i really do envy the teenagers. The sweet innocence is gone. Long gone in my case, but still growing up to be an adult is something that i want as well as i wanna avoid. And it always rains on my birthday. Always! Spent the eventful day with nothing eventful occurring. College-gym-home. Atleast spent the night in FB, chatting late into the night with my schooooool friends. I dunno why, but twitter seems more fun with a mobile than on the net.

Me kinda missing Maddy. missing very badly infact. oh! what i would give for the invention of floo powder!!! Suddenly birthday bumps feel a lot worse when you are at the receiving end. The last month was pretty amazing!! i left blogger, orkut and FB completely. Just me and twitter. Thank God that some of you folks are there. Made new friends, thanks to BBM. Joined gym. Yes i can even feel the muscles in my butt. Broke off and then patched up again. lol. Yea June-July was pretty heavy! No, didn't watch the Karate Kid or Prince of Persia or Toy Story or Salt or Inception or Knight and Day. but hey, watched I hate Luv Storys :) lols. yeah pathetic!!

I know it feels weird to say it but i kinda like the bieber track 'baby'. I know some of my male pals would officially deny even knowing me, but hey, the lyrics are catchy!!! The World Cup is over and neither Germany nor the Dutch won! Bugger!!!
That's about it for today. yeah dedications are back.

Today's dedication is for the people. yeah the people. all the people. Sung and performed by Elton John - "Rocketman"

Sayonara folks, FL over and out.

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Eyeshadow said...

miss you to is pathetic for some you and me..hehe...hope m not d only one to comment...guys do makes him smile you

Anonymous said...

Twitter is easy in Phone. Just a click away. In comp or laptop, we have to log in , blah and blahs.. and we are lazy. rmb? :P

Watch Inception!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Manas said...

u kno ur rite about d twitter n mobile thin....n trust me i rely did wish mady wz der vd u..wud'v bn ur best bday gift..yea vd sum booze n sex added....just a bonus powly,doun luk a me lyk dat!!

Dipti said...

aii yaii some month you had!! broke off and patched up!! Oh my God...topsy turvy ups and downs .. you went through it all without blogger / fb in ur life! well done. i always depend on blogger when i am low in life

i hate luv storys was so pathetic na

i haven't seen any of those angrejjii movies either.. hearing a lot about inception though.. its making me want to make an effort to see it.. but i know i wont. maybe someday when it comes on hbo or something.

24 is a serious age for a guy.. hmm, for a girl too. all the best! im sure you are doing the right things.

Freelancer said...

mwaaaah sexy

Freelancer said...

@ nush
u r one lazy women nowadays...kiss the lil one for me

Freelancer said...

its ok...wil meet her soon enuf

Freelancer said...


yeah...sab toh wohi bol rahe hai...inception is good....but am just waiting for the dvdrips to be out in the net :)

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