No matter, what you think or what people say, the world's not gonna end in 2012. How do i know???? FB predicted i would die at the age of 35. I will fall from a building and slam into a car only to roll off the road and fall through the man-hole and die alone with loss of blood!!!
Speaking of FB, its bloody insensitive towards me!!

Anyways, Happy Friendship Folks. The first Sunday happens to be on 1st Aug. I like it, the month may not be gruesome as i always expect every other month to be. i was supposed to meet Aarthi today but then again, my fever got the better of me. Bitch! So here i am munching a dominos pizza and listening to 'alone again, naturally'

i dunno what else to write. i miss college :O i know i hate it but atleast i am surrounded with people there. It sucks to be alone. hope you guys are having a party and making me jealous. Love you friends. am a bit old fashioned. I don't believe in moving on with life leaving everyone behind. I know the world is changing, but if you guys move ahead, drag me along. Peace

Hakuna Matata

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Anu...:) said...

Happy Friendship Day to u too...:)

Tripat "Prerna" said...

happy frenship day :)))

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