I am lost...just lost in boredom and apprehension. College is officially over. Which means only one thing. Bloody sodding semester exams!! So here i am today....dating my notes, onlin in twitter, playing mafia wars, munching on maggi. Gym classes are over. Cigarette consumption is at a all-time low. Maddy is fighting with me!!!

Oh life sucks at the moment. But know what, this time i might actually do very well in exams :) i know...surprising right>??? So somebody got married nearby. This marriages in Chennai never seem to end. And the constant chatter and the damned music Give me vuvuzela anyday :) Manchester United lost 2 points. Two frigging precious points. Damn you Nani... ok am ranting now... i will try to write something good tomorrow, something without me crapping. Ok?? Now smile and pleas do read me :P

Hakuna Matata

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Anonymous said...

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Freelancer said...

how do i do that?

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