Nearly half of March is gone! Life has not become any better either. Same old fucking college. Professors are picking on me...yet again! Maybe they are just jealous that they are not even half as HOT as me :P
Sorry sirs, can't help it. Adjust for another year.

Temperature in Chennai is rising at such a break-neck speed that very soon it will be possible to boil an egg over my head! Which may turn to be a  good new for me.A much needed break from Idli's and Pongal for breakfast. The downside is that by the end of summer i will turn from a good looking dude to a oven-burned African Negro!
The price of living in Chennai for 4 years is too high for my beauty :P

Midsem results are out. Not too bad this time. Failed in one. Absent in one. Got caught for copying from xerox in one! Rest of the papers - PASS! Dad will be so proud of me that i didn't get caught for the rest! Sooooper!

Maddy is leaving Chennai. Suddenly i feel i will be lost in her absence. I just wanna get married and have kids. Live near a beach.....(no, not in chennai),  work for a happening newspaper (no i dunno why i took up engg).

Sulagna  and Kajal are already married. Nusrath too. Nut she is an exception. She got married even before she knew the meaning of marriage ! :P
Pratsie is getting married in June, Dipti is also on her way to that auspicious day. Me? I am stuck in a shit-hole of a college and having a cup of coffee with GOD seems much more possible than tying the knot in the nearby future!

So much to do,  so bloody less time. Sometimes i wonder why the fuck do i blog about myself! No one even reads it! Dunno how long will i be writing...anyways catch ye later.

Hakuna Matata

P.S| Maddy got drunk last night. Might jot down a few funny moments tomorrow.
love you all

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Eyeshadow said...

Well you can get married too..and it will be legal are 22..hehe...
love you dying to get married too...

Esther said...

I read it mridzy :) You don't have to write for people. You write it because You wanna say it. And its good to see you write. Keep writing! :) Not for everyone. But for you.

@ Maddy - You got drunk? :P hehe! I wanna do that once in life. Gosh wanna know what I speak when I'm drunk hehe!

@ mridzy - You'll miss college after its over re!! have fun now only.......

Anonymous said...

WHY WHY?!?!?! *hmmph* Can you stop mentioning me and my marriage thingy?!?!

FL.. LOL!! You serious that you wanna get married?!?! LOL! Don't! :) Not now for good..

I miss Idli :(

And where is Pratsie.. ??! MIssing her!

rohini said...

Oh your post epresses ur confusions, frustrations, helplesness...y so brave and face the world with all the happiness...marriage...kar lena but first make urself so strong to build a bunglow infront of a beach...nt Chennai ...anywhere u wish for...just good wishes from my side....:-) n Be happy...
find time to visit:

Abby said...

u got caught!! shame on u man...u bring shame on us cheaters.....this is an art...u need to learn more abt it!

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