Semesters around the corner folks. Too much for a young man to handle. My friends seem to have abandoned me. I should be called the 'Solitary Writer'. :) No offense STE :P 

The weekend was fultoo fun. Went to Pondicherry to surprise Maddy. Its been a long time since we met at Pondicherry. Whenever she comes to Chennai, most of the time we stay at home, watch tv, fool around in the bed. Atleast me roamed around in Pondi, though the urge to fool around was also high :P
Had lunch in some awesome restaurant with over priced rates. But it was fun seeing her, holding hands, fighting, cursing, blowing flying kisses. 1st and 2nd year of our courtship revisited again.

I am going to college regularly these days. Maddy and Cam would probably flay my skin if i failed to do so. Mean gals. I need adventure. Anything to break away from this monotonous dull life of mine. Atleast IPL is helping a bit. I loved the way CSK got thrashed by DC. Though i support KKR, i was more than happy to cheer for Esther's DC that day.

Two weeks gone and am out of funds yet again. Pratsie rang up this morning with the intention of murder :) I miss blogging regularly. Sorry not being able to comment much folks. A few more days.

Catch ye later.
Thought of the day - Practice safe sex. Go screw yourself :)

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Eyeshadow said...

Safe sex????? better support kkr..else m gonna screw you!!

Esther said...

Hehe! Yay mridzy supported me that day! Thank you re :P Al though I was disappointed on the IPL opening mridzy didn't support dc :(

But then u know! He's too adorable! :) :D

Di said...

Heheh you and maddy seem like such a fun couple

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