Hello all, Hope you had a nice couple of days. No??? Shucks.... I had awesome ones.

First of all, belated Eid to all. I was too busy hogging on Subways to wish you lot yesterday. But hey, better late than never. September has arrived. Which means -
1. People will be orgasming about Messi in India
2. I will be counting the days till winter
3. Maddy's birthday is around the corner
4. Me flying back to Chennai

Maddy and me are still in a no-talking relationship. Its like when Rachel says, 'we are on a break'. Well we aren't, we just ain't talking to one other. Love has its issues that only time will heal. Moreover I have a date with her sister today. Bwahahaha. Going for Bodyguard. I just hope its a real flop. Then i can tell her sis that Maddy was the one who recommended it. *evil grin*

Coming back to the topic of skinny jeans, nobody told me its a pain in the ass to walk when the weather's so bloody hot. I mean, i can't even scratch myself when the need occurs. Don't go eww eww now, i know all you boys, scratch. Yep. So yeah, skinny jeans has its bloody disadvantages. But i love it!

Had a good day out yesterday. Went to my ex-classmates place with my ex-roomie. God knows where he stays, its almost inaccessible by bus or rickshaws! His mom was cool until she practically ordered us to eat the green vegetables for lunch. Nobody told us that she's a teacher. A strict one at that.

And i will be making a comeback to twitter as soon as i finish reading the novels i have in stock. After 35,000 tweets, its hard to stay away from long. Yay, am almost a celebrity now. Considering Gul Panag follows me :P okay just kidding. But she will, since she's the only actor i follow other than @iamsrk. 

I got the best surprise when i saw i had 3 comments in my last post. Whoa!! 3!!! I hardly expected anyone to read this blog... Am soooo happy *does the hokie pokie dance*. Anyway, i promise to read your blogs as soon as i return from the movie. Keep reading me okay. Seri? 

Until then, its FL signing off

P.S| ex-roomie had a breakup. Long story, sad story. Will tell tomorrow. 

3 heartbeats:

Dipti said...

no talking wala phase haa? aw. mine too :/

im on ur blog after so long! where's the red carpet!

skinny jeans - i love wearing them with highhhh heels, making the experience even worse.

Dipti said...

ps - when u come back on twitter, follow @dipiclious , check ur follower list.

Freelancer said...

red carpet eh??? ruk jao...dhundne do....

P.S| i have nothing to say about your twitter handles. You will drive me crazy one day

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