Good day and Fuck off
That's a new way to greet. Yeah chizz.

So how many of you watched Messi last night??? Did you lot get your orgasms yet? Bwahahaha. Messi and Co. Huge disappointment.

So what do you do when one of your closest friends breaks up with one of your good friends even though they love each other to bits. Do you let them be or do you bash their heads out making them realize what they are doing even though you fully know that you are in the same shit with your girl. Maddy, me and a huge wall of nothingness in between.

Also, my ex-roomie broke up with his girlfriend of 2 years. Looks like she was double-timing him. So he caught her one day and fatak! One tight slap right in public! BITCH!!! I feel guilty a bit coz i was the one who used to tell him that long distance would work. And apparently it didn't.

Nothing more to say actually. Oh my cousin brought a watch yesterday. I showed him an awesome Titan watch and he went and got himself a silly Fastrack! Major facepalm moment happened. Also, i love the new fastrack hip-hop shades collection. Am getting one of those pakka se.

Until then, its FL signing off

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Anonymous said...

you try to help out the love birds <3

Red Handed said...

Messi gaya bhaad mein!
Hip hop series of Fastrack is EPIC!

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