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Am still in the Bodyguard mood. "Mujhe ek ehsaan karo ki mujhe kuch ehsaan mat karo". Waah Waaah. No i didn't hate the film. Infact i loved the 2nd half. The only irritating thing was that huge fatso. 

Managed to charm my future sis-in-law. I hope i did. She's so adorable and totally opposite of my almost-ex. Maddy has no intention of being in a relationship with me. This has been clear by the way she is acting these days. Nothing affects her anymore.  I tried. I try to call her up and talk to her. I did my best to make sure her sister never complained about a single thing yesterday. I don't even get a thanks. Well i don't expect it. Atleast i expect her to talk to me. Once. Its been so long.

I am running out of ideas now. If i don't try, there will be another fight. If i try, i don't get anywhere. Girls can't just stop everything and move on. They will store these issues for future fights. All i want to do is switch off the fight mode and reboot life again. Wish it was easier for a girl too.

Anyway, other than that life is as monotonous as before. Getting tired of the heat and constant tick-tock of the clock. All i want to do is run away to Neverland and never come back. Being mortal is boring. Being forever young is the new temptation. Chalo, gotta go now. Have fun

Its FL signing off..

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Anonymous said...

you and maddy.
sounds interesting :D
and the correect the dialogue yaar,its
"mujh par ek ehsaan karna, ki mujh par kbhi ehsaan na karna" :p :p

Anu...:) said...

Well keep blogging'll keep you closer to sanity :-)

Freelancer said...

haan anon, maaf kar do

Freelancer said...

@ anu
i wil try not to.. but i never know myself when i would take a break

Anonymous said...

jao maaf kiya :p :p

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