Am back.... atleast for a few more days. Abby finally managed to move my lazy fingers and type something over here. So the whole month of August is over. I was seldom here. Too lazy to type. Absent from TWL for about a month now. I wonder why they haven't kicked me out already. Alright here's the deal. I was hit by the flu bug again....not the swine one... but the regular random flu that manages to glue itself to me nearly all the year round. Plus i was outta station for the last part of the month. updates.. :P

As you all know... my college declared holidays! Am still waking up early mornings, no sleeping in classes and sweating out to the mess this, no that. My roomie left for home and i was stuck with the other two psycho's. So i happily packed up my bags and headed to Bro's place....much to his dismay/

3rd Sept
Bloody boring day. An apt description. I woke up way past 2p.m. Bro was already online playing mafia wars. He crossed me while i was out of station. Grrrr. We have this race to use the lappy. Whoever wakes up first, uses the lappy first. :P
Though its my lappy, it's his place. So my tiny advantage doesn't hold over here. And i can't  even whine! :(
And thus i waited and waited for my frigging time. He was lucky bhabi went to work. Else she would have let me have my way! My chweeet bhabi. haha! So bhai had all the fun while she was not present. 

My stomach grumbled sometime soon. Bhabi returned by 5. And i went in search of dosa :P
The clouds that gathered couldn't control themselves and thus they pissed. As i came out of the atm, i was stuck. It was a bloody downpour that showed no signs of receding. The street dhabas that mae dosas closed shop by the time i reached and i had to return with a frigging bread! Curse you clouds!!! Bhabi was for a change bro cooked. Scrambled eggs. Not that hard, but quite an achievement considering it was my bro who was cooking. (he made it clear to me btw that he was going to report my blog as spam). Lols.

And before i knew it they went to their room and slept off. And man they slept!! Didn't see their faces again till today morning. hehe. (i doubt about the only sleeping part. :P)
I was online in FB chatting happily with Esther and others and playing the silly games that i am hooked to. Aarthi rang up. She was coming to Chennai. By the time it was midnight, i was hungry again. Cooked Top Ramen (all by myself) and the slept off after taking care of my farm in FB.

Hmmm...that's it i guess. Still a bit rusty, after all these gaps. So until the next time....its me signing you can go read other blogs. My blog isn't that addictive :P
Having beer now btw. Bhabi and Bro has off-day tomorrow. Planning to go to Pondicherry tomorrow. Lets see, if the plans made while drunk actually surfaces. :P

See you tomorrow. Somebody remind me to update if you actually miss me... hehe...
Love ye loads.


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freelancer said...

shucks man...sowie abby...comment got deleted by mistake

Abby said...

bloody bugger........

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