A very good morning people
The Sun is way up in the sky and it definitely has fever. I can feel the heat even here in Chennai. Days are dragging on very slowly man! Need an adrenaline rush. Nothing exciting ever happens in this god-forsaken place. Money is slowly dwindling from my wallet. 

Anyways i have been trying out new poetry forms after a long hiatus. The iambic meter screwed my head until i finally figured it out. Hats off to Shakespeare for using this stuff. I so hate you! Read in Kajal's blog that someone was stealing her poems. Bloody Losers! Can't even write one and here they come to steal. Faggots! Reminded me that i had to copyright mine.

I think Rose has left this blog for good. Its just me and my crap now. No official announcement yet. I just hope that announcement never comes. She is an awesome blogger and an awesome friend though sometimes i have to wait for months to hear a word from her. Grrrr. Esther has challenged me openly in Farmville. hehe. I accepted. Baap se panga legi bachhi!!! And what happened to ANGIE's Rehab Reject? Man i miss her spicy life! All good blogs get deleted one way or the other. First it was dear ol' PINK ORCHID, now REHAB REJECT. hehe...mine will always be here. Bear it buddies :P

7th Sept
Maddy tried waking me up early in the morning. She had to go shopping. God knows how she restrained herself from kicking my balls. By the time we woke up it was too late to go shopping. She had to return back soon. Bro prepared breakfast. Bread and scrambled eggs and cold coffee. He is definitely learning. 
By 11, i went and dropped Maddy to the bus-stand. We still were not on perfect talking terms. She left, i returned back. Fought over the cellphone then patched up again. Slept till 5, then remembered that i had to wash my clothes! Mummy! they were in surf for two days. lols! By 6 i was free. Bhabi went to parlor while i went in search of samosa. 

I learnt one thing today. Never trust your friends to come to your aid in Mafia Wars when you are fighting with a girl! bloody hell. I lost within a couple of eye-blinks. Grrr...
Night was peaceful. Except for a couple of mosquitoes who made the mistake of thinking that my blood was nectar to them. Splat Splat! That was the end of the dynamic duo. :P
Dinner was good. I was pretty hungry and hogged like a pig. 

Right now, am feverishly waiting for Smallville's new season opening. Just one more day to go. *fingers crossed*
I love Louis Lane

Until the next time,
its FL signing off

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Kaka said...

i think esther has taken inspiration from aarthi's win over you..:P...nake sure u dont lose....sometimes baap's can be spanked....:P....heat and mosquitoes there in chennai is way way better than raipur...lol..

Rane (The Orchid with All Shades Pink) said...

itna kuchh kaise likhta hai oye.. ? how sweet of you to have mentioned my 'loser' incident.. thank you thank you for always being around and being your sweet self.

Sahi hai tu!


Abby said...

well madz din kick ur balls cuz u aint got any to kick.......

freelancer said...

@ kaka
lols..gals do stick together
but it wasn't my fault i lost to artz.
my frenz betrayed me for a chick

freelancer said...

@ kaj
tu bas yaha aate rehna kabhi kabhi..dats all i want

freelancer said...

@ abby
i hafta ask Z what you did to ur balls! :P

Abby said...

i am fusing them together to make an extra pair of balls to give them to you......

Anonymous said...

How crazy you are!! Sweet!

freelancer said...

@ abby
dunt want ur smelly balls

freelancer said...

@ nusrath
i know

Abby said...

u seemed to ave liked them the last time u smelled them

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