Morning fellas,

Yesterday was a frigging good day. Atleast till the night. After that it just spiralled into chaos!
Anyways it was Janmastami. Nothing to celebrate about in Chennai though! This place ain't Mumbai at all. The day started just like it always starts...the sun rose, the moon left.....the bloody dogs started barking and i woke up earlier than usual on a holiday!

Woke up Maddy at 7. She was actually surprised to hear that i was awake just to wake her up! Sensible and thoughtful boifriend, that's what i told her. But i thought i heard a snicker somewhere on the other end! Now since that i already woke up, i started writing MDR. Something which i so inconspiously managed to put off for a long long time! And read all the pending blogs that i missed. Sowie not all...some are still left to catch up with. Talked with Maddy while she was getting ready. Poor dahling forgot the fact that we fought the last night and she frigging banned me from ringing her up for a couple of days. Hehe, early-morning-wake-up syndrome! In short, Ghajni effect!

Spent the whole day till noon playing in Facebook. Ooh i loooove farming! heehee. Me and Bro has this kind of rivalry about who is the better player in facebook. So we play the same games and try as hard as possible to screw the other up! He is basically ahead of me in 2 of the games that we play and that's only because he started playing a couple of days before me! But that doesn't stop that git from showing off...lols

How do you feel when a close friend says they are moving on with their lives, but feels like i am not a part of it anymore. Hurts? You bet it does! I realise i may have not been the best friend anyone can have. I am also human. Imperfect. But in this imperfect human lies a heart which loves and care for you all as perfectly as it would allow.
Anyways chuck it!

Received an email from Vaishnavi 'bout the MAD scheduling. Yays! i will be in T.Nagar! Rang her up and asked her what was i supossed to do now! Poor gal was probably busy, but still she managed to rein in my hyper active energy and explain it to me! Its a good thing she doesn't know i blog...hehe... Also there was an invitation as MAD turns 3 on Aug 15th. Yipee!!!

Had noodles for lunch. Searched for Kaminey tickets via the net. But as usual Sathyam was more than housefull and judging by the looks of it, it was going to be like that for another couple of days. INOX web wasn't working. So i just prayed a silent prayer to God and Goddessess and hoped that the swine flu panic would do its magic! Reached Inox by 6 and went to the counter. Night show full, Evening show fast filling! Fast filling!!!!!!! By the time we reached to the front of the queue just 5 tickets remained! Finally!!! Got the best seats!!! 3rd row from the top with oodles of leg space!!!! Went to Landmark before the movie started and went book hunting! Got a Terry Goodkind hardback novel for just 99 bucks!! Yes!!! I looooVe super sale!

Got popcorn and coke and iced tea! The food in Inox sucks! Bloody looters! Since we sat in the C-row,
bro was like....'atleast we got something in common with the movie'
Bhabi- 'huh? what?'
Bro- 'Shahid's name is Charlie' :|
Bhabi was completely clueless...hell anyone would be at that time!
Bhabi- 'Duh!!! So???'
Bro- 'C-row....C.....Charlie...innit?' :D

lols.....bhabi looked at me and we laughed our asses off! He got pissed...lols...Made a face just like a kid makes when he gets spanked!!! hehe. I told him this was coming in my he just grrrd.....hehe. Anyways, the movie started. Verdict- Fuperb Movie!!! One of the bestest acting by Priyanka.... She is back in my top actress list!! Fhahid was as ufual fabulous! But Pri...dear lord, i loved her! I loved the song, FATAK tooooo.....
The dialogues cracked me up! 'Fabere fabere, uus kamine ka fakal.....' lols....
classy stuff. One of the best movies this year!

Anyways, movie over.....went to KFC :D
Maddy was completely pissed at me for some reasons.... Rough weather looked imminent ahead in lovelife! Hafta charm her again... will be a helluva job. But then i didn't fall for her years back...just to give up. :D

Reached home...tweeted to Priyanka Chopra asap....hehe....and slept!
Untill the next time.....
its FL figning off...
Fayonara :D

P.S| 1) Kaj.... the hug thingy you mentioned didn't work :(
2) S.N.F and A.L.L.L will be back in full swing from next week :)

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Anu...:) said...


Yellow Tulip said...

hey:)..thank u for visiting me..:)
happy Independence day:) and a happy weekend too...

Abby said...

lolz........same things happens wit me......Z forgets dat we had a fight at night and next mornin everythin is back to normal :P
sab ke sab bhullakar hote hain.......

Rane (The Orchid with All Shades Pink) said...

hahahhaah i knew i knew it wont...
take some time out FL.. rewind all the charm that you weave around her and replay.. its time to express and apologise.. :D if you truly love her go head over heels FL... :D

and enjoyed the rest of the post.. My man has become a big fan of priyanka after watching this movie.. i am jealous.. i need a hug....hhahahahaaahah

freelancer said...

@ anu

freelancer said...

@ yellow tulip
my pleasure

freelancer said...

@ abby
hehe....good...gals tend to forget...hehe

freelancer said...

@ rane
been there...done that

Esther said...

he he he this blog is like your personal diary right? :P I recollect everything I used to write in my diary ... it reminds me of all that.. esp writing about stuff i dislike the most... :P and everything i do in a day is always written :D well, that was cute you woke up early :P for a change haan? :P

dude you made me a farm addict too. I'm online at the moment just to take care of my farm even though my comp crashed last night... phew! :D

and yesssss I'm with you I loved kaminey to the coreeee and Deccan had rated it 4 and a half! :D i would rate it 5 on 5 ! ! !

PS: I love shahid! :D

fanx for writing bot him :P

freelancer said...

lol...he looks like me :P

Abby said...

oh yeah in ur fuckin dreams........

freelancer said...


Abby said...

hah!!! dun make me laugh

sm said...
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