Today was a completely awesome, exhilirating bestest day over...

First of all, its Rakshabandhan. Apart from my regular more-than-necessary yet the-apples-of-my-eyes one else tied me rakhi or wished me. Thank God for sparing me this time.

By the way, my mid sems started today. Didn't study a dot thing. I mean i studid...but it all went over my head. So woke up in time and ran for the bus. I came back to my room. Bro finally kicked me out...hehe....kidding....hehe...not kidding...hehe...kidding seriously! So here at my own old place, i have to get up half an hour earlier!

Anyways back in college, skipped breakfast. Today had something worse than pongal. Ewww!!!
Had ANP paper...that's maths for short! Sat at the last bench so as to maximise the chance of copying from others. Me, Raghav and Afroze are inseparable in college....but during exams we kind sat in a triangle shape formation to copy from one another. As usual, Raghav let the way! He had the darned textbook under the table and just started copying while the clueless invigilator just sat down doing nothin..... I copied from him and Afroze grapped my copy and xeroed it onto his! :P

The Verdict: ought to more than pass :P

I hate DOM classes and that shithead of a proff decided to take 3 periods in a row today! he hates me, i hate him....the feeling was mutual. On the way to his 2nd period i fell asleep...hehe....and that is what he wanted! Kicked me out straightaway. And that was what i wanted..hehe...(wicked mind, you see)...went out, roamed around with some friends who bunked. Life was good. Had fish for naturally skipped!

Had to get three tickets for Love Aaj Kal for Saturday show. Raghav accompanied me! We were in Sathyam, got the tickets, and he felt like he had to go to the loo! *sigh* we made our way to the 2nd floor...where santham screen was present along with a restroom nearby. God knows what ideas he gets while he pees that he came out and decided to watch the movie screening in Santham illegaly without tickets. And so we went inside, fearless....only to be caught by interval.
Made a lot of excuses, told them that Afroze was with us and he was sitting somewhere with his gal and he has the tickets and blah blah blah. They told us to take all the time we needed but needed proof. We were about to be fucked royally! Luckily for us, they went to the restroom and Raghav was out in a wink. i never saw somebody run so fast as him. Silly idiot was trembling when they caught us and now he was Tyson Gay! Its true...fear gives us wings!

Went to Spencer after running out of Sathyam. Was still alive, that was more important. Ate in KFC. Yummy! Raghav met a few friends and we all decided to get some weed. Now I didnt have weed for more than a year now. So off we went in search of grass. Silly fellow forgot the route and we had to walk around Saidapet for more than an hour. Finally!!! Mil gaya!!! Taught Raghav how to make a joint and since it was his first time didn't givehim much! Still after three puffs and a full-on blowback, he was flying. Lols. Rang up bro and told him that i have got Marijuana. He told me to come right away. hehe. Anyways spent the night at bro's place, had a joint. Dinner was classy. Yea had beer too!

SLept off before my head started spinning. Will worry about the headache tomorrow.

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Yellow Tulip said...

Belated Happy birthday Cam!..:)
n hey u leaving blogvilla:((...not post:)... i like ur blog a lot dear:)

freelancer said...

wow...galat post pe comment
n nope dear, i ain't leaving

Rane (The Orchid with All Shades Pink) said...

couldnt read after the mention of 'KFC' i am hungry.. :)

freelancer said...

haha....go eat....tujhe toh main dhund nikalunga :P

Abby said...

tsk tsk shudnt be given grass..........dun u knw its injurious to be a good boy and pass it on to me :P

freelancer said...

as if yu know wat it is, kiddo!

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