Saare Jahan se Achha

Hindustan Hamara......

So true.... India completes its 62 years of independence! It ought to make any Indian proud. Certainly makes me. Listening to A.R Rahman's 'Maa tujhe salam' gives me the goosebumps. It rained a lot on the eve of Independence Day. By the time i woke up, the roads were clear of dirt, the air purified, the sky overcast, the weather romantic....

A fitting day for Independence!

So...woke up early...had plans for the morning...shaved, brushed, showered. Ruffled my Kaminey-style hair...hehe....checked myself a zillion times in the mirror....oh am in LOVE with myself! Weird...i know!!! Today Bhumi celebrated its 3rd birthday. So had to be present there. THose of you who don't know about Bhumi...lemme clarify. Its an NGO. Their theme...'change today, change tomorrow'. And am a part of it. Part of M.A.D, which in turn is a project of Bhumi.
Reached the address by 8.30 and preparations were already under way. Tri-color balloons were everywhere. It was huge, it was awesome, it was simply fantabulous. Played games, sang and dance, clicked zillions of pics, made new was a day to remember.

And so, Independence Day celebrations went on and on.... By 2p.m it was over...had a good lunch, courtesy of them. By 3 i was back home....bro was awake, which was actually a surprise! Bhabi was at work... Maddy was not talking with me! Mom was ballistic that i went to the movie last night despite the swine flu threat! I gave up...i can't make that woman understand.
Sis was being sis.....wacky and being a jerk! She's got a boifriend! Man, hats off to her guts!

Anyways, enough talking of my sis. Am not promoting her here again :P
Bro was offline playing i just slept!!! And when i woke up it was midnight. There were about 20 miscalls in my cell. 15 of them were Maddy's. MADDY!!! she finally rang me. Yipee. Bhabi was back.....had top ramen for dinner. Talked with Maddy for an hour...everything's fine in loveland. Slept off early again

I was boring...atleast since the evening. Man i need some excitement! Maybe tomorrow something will happen. I need a solar eclipse. Wanna be Peter Petrelli!!!

Signing off now...tada
Love you all....
thanx for being loyal
*sob sob*

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Abby said...

lolz she actually even talked to u after the fact that she had to call u 15 times !!! damn.........if it was Z she wud shoot me dead if she cud, if i had done the same :P
lolz girls are so damn complicated.......more den dat they are simply confused demselves half the time !!

Yellow Tulip said...

hey u watch he..:)...all the best with nathen!!

freelancer said...

@ abby
hehe....atleast mine wont murder me///but she wud gladly strangle me to death

freelancer said...

@ yellow tulip
yep heroes...peter fan

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