This has to be the one of the most irregular blogs :P


I don't know why i am not updating anything. When i started blogging, i used to write every damn single day. Looks like the blogging fever is over. I miss writing here, because i enjoyed writing in this blog. I still don't think its time to send this blog to the depths of Davy Jones's locker. No, i still wanna write. Help!

Its not that i don't have time....i can squarely blame my absense here to the exams that's going on and to the more recent swine flu. But then i would be fooling myself! Hell i have time to come to facebook and play those addictive games, but not for my own blogs!! TWL is also in hibernation mode! Rose...where are ye???

The last few days...or weeks...have been boring, exciting, everything. My mid sems started and yea...i aced them! Gave my birthday treat to Raghav and Swati after trying very hard to postpone it indefinitely...hehe.....
My mobile got screwed. I can't read msgs nor can i send them. The only thing i could do was recieve and dial! In one month, Nokia became the worst brand for me! Got inducted officially in MAD......finally! Yay!!! Swine Flu on the rampage in Chennai and so am on the run.... Anyways i don't have internet connection in my room. Its my fault, didn't pay the bill in time and now it has increased to a mammoth total! But i promise, i will write atleast 4 days a week..... kindly tolerate me as always. hehe.

Okays, completed 3 months in the blogging world on 1st of this month. Yipee! Was looking forward for this month coz Pratsie and Rashi were supposed to come to Chennai!! but then, i counted the chickens too early before they were hatched and *sob sob*, they won't be able to make it! So the only thing good about this month is INDEPENDENCE DAY! Yea no independence for me....but still i got holidays!!

13th Aug| today is the birthday of my favorite closest, my life support, my partner-in-crime, my dil-ka-tukda.....the only gal other than Maddy who has full access to my heart, CAMELIA! No we aren't lovers...we don't need to be also, coz we love each other in such a way that even lovers feel inferior. And Maddy, don't be J please...after all, you know us! :P
Anyways its her birthday, wished her early midnight....talked all rubbish, made plans for her marriage....hehe

Woke up at 6.45 coz i had to wake up Maddy by 7. When she was finally awake and off to coll, i slept again....hehe...Have holidays till Sunday, so am so jobless that the only thing i could do properly was sleep! Anyways, by 11 i decided to go and haunt Bro again. Packed my bag, searched for my Provogue shirt...hehe...searched for my white cargo. I knew Mom packed it somewhere in my suitcase....i didnt even take it out of there for 2 months now! Anyways i looked cool, in black and white with my ruffled long hair.....could see those neighbors burning in jealous rage....lols..

Went to the atm and checked my balance! 400 bucks! I counted the number of days left in this month! Its time to give Mom another anxiety attack! When i reached, bro was asleep!! Had to ring him a up a dozen times before he finally awoke! I slept again. :P
Woke up by 8 in the evening....yea i slept that long!!! Bhabi still wasn't home. I miss her...i adore her so much. She is way better than bro!! hehe... i am just waiting for him to read this. He's gonna kick my balls for sure! Went through the old school and college photos and became nostalgic. I miss you buddies....a lot.

Started downloading Le Femme Nikita (season 1). Watched Mujhe iss Jungle se Bachao....weird show. Nothing compared to the original! i hate Mika! Mom rang me up and started asking about my health. She is worried about Swine Flu cases in Chennai. I told her a man died 5 kms away from my place (which is true) and she completely lost it!'s are like this! Bhabi reached by 10, we sat down for dinner. It was complete veg. Don't know how i eat veg when am at her place. Whatever she cooks, you bet it will be awesome! Twitted at night, Priyanka Chopra replied to me! Yays!!!

Don't know where my co-author is! That gal ain't even picking my call for more than a month now!

Anyways signing off now, wrote quite a lot of nonsense...

P.S| 1) Happy birthday Cam!
and yes, keep reading please
2) wrote the last post long time back...but forgot to publish. So read the previous post too if you didn't read it already!

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Rane (The Orchid with All Shades Pink) said...

enjoyed reading the mdr.. :P and loved the way you talked of Camelia.. i am sure Maddy might get a little jealous.. go give her a hug.. happy birthday to your friend.. :D

freelancer said...

i hope a hug works
i love my gal :P

Anu...:) said...

Hi bhaiya!
Nice to see that you are alive and blogging.

freelancer said...

hey anu...ssup gal??

Anu...:) said...

err..nothn much
just that you have paid your prestigious visit to my humble blog.

Abby said...

do i smell somethin burnin !!! oh yes dat was madz :P

freelancer said...

lol.....yea dats maddy hehe

Eyeshadow said...

wel!!!m not jealous mridu m hurt!!n abby...m hurt!!!i dont want to be in ur life nemore mridu!!!u calld cam dil ka tukra,even made love inferior!!!u gave me the best gift after 3years!!!wat more can a gal ask for mridu???

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