Hehe, feels good to be back after about a month. Blogging is getting boring re. Twitter has taken over my life and my time. And i stare at the blank page when i decide to write anything. So how has everyone been? Well i doubt i should be talking to myself over here, when that's the only thing i do in twitter too.

Exams around the corner. Yes, the backlogs that i so managed to postpone till the last moment. And it is around this time that i always manage to blog. Anything to prevent studying. oh well. The day has been pretty boring as of now. Wake up as late as possible much to the dislike of Maddy. Deempi is not here. Its just me and Bonny and the puppy. Without Deempi and bhabi around, hunting for food becomes a whole lot difficult. That's one reason why i like girls in the house. Thankfully, we have two ladies and sadly none of them are present right now. Mommy! i want food. Am a decent enough cook but i really reaaly hate being in the kitchen cutting this and that. Don't have that much of a patience.

The puppy is growing. Before he used to jump at my crotch, now he can aim at my nipples. Oh well, pedigree does wonders it seems. After two days of eating outside and meeting girls, i am looking forward to bhabi's haath ka khana. In case, you dissaprove of me, lemme tell you, those girls i mentioned are some of my blog buddies and a few i happened to meet on a train :P Maddy doesn't trust me with anyone though. hehe. 

Watching some shitty movie in UTV. Fuck, the hindi dubbing is getting worse by the day. Hmm...what else?  Kajal aka Pink Orchid of TWL fame is finally in twitter :)

Chalo chop chop. am off now. 

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maithili said...

welcome back after exact one month!! good luck for ur exam

Anonymous said...

welcome back bro and for food u say was right but i hated when i wake in the morning..
and by what name kajal is on twitter

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