Yes, i am late again. No excuses whatsoever. Oh wait, i had exams.

Engineering is almost done, but i dont think i would be getting my degree anytime soon. I messed up one paper. Yeah pretty bad, so the degree will have to wait for another 5 months. And ofcourse Maddy is not at all pleased with it. Still she graciously gave me 3 years time to do something in life and then ask her hand for marriage. I know i can do it, but i need to clear this obstacle first. One step at a time.

The last month was a complete mis-match of emotions. After the intial setback of the first exam, i managed to do well enough with the rest. Left my room and started living with my bro and his gal. That meant nice lunch and dinner from bhabi :D nom nom> no more maggi shaggy. Plus the adopted a street pup and i am like her father. yep you heard it right. she tries to jump to my arms and ends up hitting my crotch all the time. Crotching tiger, i say. Anyways, Mom and Dad celebrated their 25th marriage anniversary and i had to fly back home. God bless that lovely couple.

Now i am back to chennai for 2 weeks. No more exams. All i shall do is meet my blog and twitter buddies in Chennai one last time before i head back home. 

Chalo, enough bakchodi for today.Catch you all later dahlings
Hakuna Matata

P.S| if you have a crush on me, sorry sweetheart, am still engaged to Maddy :D

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Eyeshadow said...

honey..two years...correction required..and yea..i eagerly keep waiting for ur posts...keep writing..

Freelancer said...

errr...2 and a half years okay :)

maithili said...

finally a scribble!! nice after a longgg break! keep writing :)

Anonymous said...

backs are the part of enginnering
iam not lucky to have it in 4 years and vaise bhi it doensot matter engineers are special breed
aur ghar k khane ki to bat hi kuch aur hoti hain bhai
vaise branch kya hain teri?

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