7th day of fasting. They gloominess that had once settled is slowly lifting. Though people still remind of the good ol' days, its nice to see my cousins wearing a cheerful smiling face on them all the time. Even though i hear them weep occassionaly at night, there is little i can do to ease their pain.

When one part of your heart dies, when you lose a parent, these things take time to recover. I am more proud of them because they are so strong after losing both their parents. I hope i do not have to face that day soon. But death itself is inevitable and permanent.

Well everything seems to be falling back to normal as of now. The food i am allowed to eat is actually making me healthy. Thank God for Ghee, which is a must. Very soon, i will be again flexing my muscles. My cousins tease me that on the tenth day i have to cut my oh-so-long hair :( yeah!! My preciousness will be lost. But i can manage that. The only bad thing here is the lack of internet i get. No damn network. Also the constant flow of visitors drive me crazy. I go and say hello and then gape like a retard 'coz evidently i have nothing else to talk about and they have nothing else to ask.

Anyway, all's well that ends well. oh wait, nearly gave Dad a cardiac arrest, when flipkart home delivered my novels. Total bill was above 4300. Thank God, he's home and am not near him :P

So, that's about it till now. People are asking me to go shower and i have been managing to postpone till now. Can't anymore. *sigh*

Stay safe. Until next time,
its FL signing off

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