Okay so i have decided to be generous. And also smart. That means from now i will be actually reading blogs daily, instead of reading it in one go and not commenting on any post.

Yes, that's what i have decided. For the time being. Anyway, life at home is pretty mundane. The only thing keeping me sane is the amount of novels i have managed to order from flipkart right under my dad's knows. Around 15 of them, yes you heard it right. And now i do not think that was such a bright idea, because it looks like i might need to buy a new mobile. My BB, my darling BlackBerry is on the throes of death itself.

How, why, do not ask me! So now i am in a dilemna as to what the heck should i do. Today has been exceptionally tedious. Woke up around 2 pm. The only thing i did was to manage finishing an entire novel since morning. Yes people, i finally finished reading the epic 'Sword of Truth' series. Well that's the only thing i do. Yeah took bath too, which i so overtly managed to avoid yesterday. *Sigh* can't fool mom twice

Okay bhai log, that's it for today! woot woot
Catch you later, alligator

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Eyeshadow said...

see my dear piklu....u have lots of time k...please logon ko mat pakao..learn bangla...atleast mujhe toh khush karo...

Freelancer said...


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