The morning started bright and then the collapse began. I didn't sleep the last night. Yep, finished off a book by 6am and then went to bed after a quick smoke. I woke up to my Aunt urging me to have food as we had to rush to the hospital. 2 minutes after lunch, mom rang up to say he passed away and that she and dad were on their way to meet us.

I was expecting it, but not so soon, not so sudden. I was the only guy in the family name so it was upto me to pay the last rites. And its scary. Its scary and its so hard to see someone lying lifeless. Someone you adores and loved more than anything.

Anyway, i hope his soul is in peace. I was happy to see him smiling before he departed. Heavy thoughts cloud my mind. I will blog later

Till then,
its FL signing off

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Freelancer said...
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Smita said...

Ask me how scary The last rituals are :)
I did it for my younger sister :)
But no matter what, life goes on :)

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