Surprised much? Me too. 

Two days in a row is almost a rarity. But i guess i have to stick to something for atleast two days, right? Yeah, so am majorly pissed. You wanna know why? Ofcourse you don't wanna know! Who the heck even reads my blog these days. Anways, am pissed with my so-called friends. See, they know i am here okay. And they are supossed to meet me na? What's the spelling of supossed again? supposed?? oh anyway, no one bothers to even meet up> Nice friends i have. *sigh* So, i will be going for a movie tommorrow. Alone. Yep.

Well, i was about to do that today itself. The movie thingy i mean, but mom decided to wake me up at around 2pm. Wait, that wasn't mum, it was Maddy! Anyway, so that meant no breakfast and hell no lunch! i dont like heavt heavy stuff in mah tummy as soon as i wake up. Dad came for lunch, gave me a dissapointed look lol and went back to office while i crawled around in the bed. Its hard to please my dad, i swear.

Anyway, checked Flipkart. Yay, 3 books have reached. But i will probably go and get it myself. i dont trust their home delivery guy much. Anyway, i realised i say anyway a lot more than i should. So, had momos in the evening. Technically if it aint pork, i dont call it momo, but since there was no pork i had to settle down with chicken. Staying at home has resulted in less smoking :| yeah, i hate not being able to smoke.

You lot, i have started a new book review blog okay. So be nice and follow me there plicccchhhhhh..

Until the sun sets, its FL signing off

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Eyeshadow said... cutie...i love everything u write...even bleh...

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