Today seems to be a good day to write.

The morning began with my alarm screaming at 6 o'clock. Solar eclipse was n the way. As Uday Chopra told later in Twitter, the solar eclipse will herald a new change in our lives. Either bad or good, but there will be change.
As for me, it was time to move on with my life. Maybe the solar eclipse and the hopes of millions of idiots on it was the perfect kick in the ass i needed. By the time i was ready for college, it was 6.45 a.m and the eclipse was more or less over. I dared to risk a couple of glances.
I could see the eclipse was 90 percent over! And those all-knowing megalomaniacs predicted that it would be the longest eclipse ever! Bleh!

The month of July hasn't gone so well as predicted. It was bound to be so since i was the one who predicted it. July was plagued with bad luck, bad news and ill health. Don't blame me! It was way out of my control. I could just fold my arms and watch as it engulfed me in. Gah!
Rose had to stop blogging for indefinite time and it made me all the more lonely. You see, its not my blog. Its OUR blog. My health detoriated, coupled with the fact that my attendance in college will probably the lowest in all its millenia. A close relative of mine passed away. God decided it was time enough and poof! called him back! Oh! he will have to face my wrath when i meet him.
My bank balance threatened to hit an all time low after every alternate day..... speedily plunging into negativity.

Inspite of all these worries and trifles, there were moments of respite and reasons to smile.

The Lounge completed its one year......Pratsie was back! I made some awesome friends.....found a friend and a sister in birthday is aproaching.....and just when i thought that all the good luck had ebbed away....Gulabo returned! The day of the eclipse :P

So talking about 22nd July, reached college by 7.30 and foraged for breakfast. Was going through the daily dose of idly when a BUG decided to taste my food! Now you know am a generous bloke! So there you go...dear bug, its all yours!

It was kinda nice to be back in college....all the professors seemed new again...lols....didn't get kicked out of class.... which was definitely rare. Nobody gives a damn about classes, the teachers included! Skipped lunch! There was this stinking fish! which i so truly hate.....Aaaargh!
But the downside is that, by 3 in the afternoon, you have that hollow feeling in the stomach....
The bane of being a student! Being ME!

Came back, tried to sleep...i guess. Oh i forgot! Bhabi was returning.....after so, so, so many days!
Bro decided to experiment with his culinary skills...wanted to surprise bhabi....but i was more scared of her getting food poisoning! So there came chicken! actually it was a one-legged chicken! Don't ask me what happened to the other leg....a WWII survivor!
So while bro went to rescue his damsel.....i was busy cleaning the house!
Anyways she returned.....and we tasted his cooking. Surprisingly it wasn't bad at all....
I don't like giving him much credit here...because it always gets into his head...rofl

Still atleast my hunger subsided comparatively! Lols...actually it was good! quite good coming from HIM!!! Anyways.....watched Definitely,Maybe at night! Awesome movie....made me crave for romance....

That's it folks...Quite enough for the first day from break! Am my bro's place, bhabi's here...everything's looking bright at the moment
See you around....
Till then, its FL signing off..

*singing Aaahu aaahu aaahu*

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Aarthi said...

Hehe... nice :)

freelancer said...

i kno i kno
*being modest*

Bhargav Saikia said...

Aahun Aahun from me too :D

freelancer said...

i just love this song

Rose said...

Guess who's back??:P:P

By the way I hate that song :D

freelancer said...

yu hate that song??? its terrific actually!!

Abby said...

definately maybe is a AWESOME "P.S I Love you".........simply OUTSTANDING.....puts definately,maybe to shame

freelancer said...

just downloaded that....wil watch tonight :P

Abby said...

i knw u are the cryin i will bet u 100 bucks u gonna cry watchin that movie......very touchy movie.....

freelancer said...

10 bucks

Abby said...

sala kanjus

Abby said...

u own me 100 bucks

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