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What the fuck! i knew it will always rains on my goddamned birthday.
REWIND to exactly 12a.m
And one second later, i am 22 for the first time...and hopefully for the last time. Don't want to be stuck at 22 either. 21 seemed kinda ok, kinda sexy but 22?? Dear lord, it suddenly meant, damn i am growing old faster than a Formula 1 car reaches top speed!

Still the folks present at that moment thought it was a time to celebrate...
i didn't mind as long as i didn't get the bumps. Maddy arrived half an hour prior to midnight with a huge chocolate cake, which i am supposed to cut. And cut i did, only after bhabi reminded me to make a wish first. Should i tell you guys?? supposed to be a wish!

Bikash rang me up half an hour early to wish me! I was like, dude there's still time yet...and he kept babbling on that he was high on weed and how much he loved me an wished for my long life...only if i took weed with him (long life after weed = @#$%@#)...and blah blah blah. Technically PJ was the first to wish me! God bless you sis....though Maddy insists she was the first, coz she was present with me....hehe

Anyways bro cooked chicken! Yes you heard it right! Bro...and not bhabi!! was delumptious! Cake, chicken and pulao, red wine and phone calls flowed. Pratsie....then college mates, then sisters (yea i have this bad habit of making sisters.....god save me on Rakshabandhan). Rashi rang me up.....saw my shameless update on twitter lols.... Maddy was like where are ur guy friends??? lols.... Artz slept off!!! Woke up at 1 to
Did i tell you, i got a shirt from Bhabi and Bro....way sexy!

Anyways when i woke up (yea i slept on my birthday), it was about 8 or something....Pratsie and Artz put some wonderful dedications on the the time it was 10, there were 3 of them there!!! Sometimes it feels so nice to know that you are loved....loved by people who you haven't met yet, but still forge a bond that is stronger than Paris Hilton's and Nicole's. Never before have i been so much loved, neither in real life nor in virtual. Yes, i have a zillion friends...i always had...but if only 10 of them atleast take me back as a friend...then am the most happiest. Thankfully it was more than 10, way way more than 10. :P

Maddy had to return...she promised she would be with me when i turned 22...she did her duty...and now she had to leave early. Birthday without your gal...sucked big time. Anyways we went a novel for myself, had lunch in KFC....yea yea i know...its my birthday an am in KFC! I wil take her out some other day to a fancy restaurant....i promised myself.
Incidently a few of my closest friends forgot about my birthday completely! Nadia, Anubha and dear oh dear, Rose!

Dropped Maddy at CMBT for her bus. She didn't wanna go...but had to. So i stopped whining and pretended to understand! It started raining! No issues...i love the rain! And then the bloody rain won't stop!!! Maddy left..... the rain poured like a toilet flush! I scavenged for a damn auto and returned to bro's place! We were going out for dinner....nothing fancy! Went to Flamingoes nearby....its a complete veggie house! No issues...i kinda had enough of meat at KFC.
Surprisingly the food was good. Rang up Anubha and reminded her that it was my bday and i want her wishes...lols. Just before my birthday was officially about to get over, Nadia rang up! Said though she couldn't be the first one....she wanted to be the last... That made me smile!
The day was finally over! It was a good day to be 22.

Raghav reminded me that the bumps were waiting for me in college the next day

Love you loads,

a LEO turns 22. Rose! where are ye?? missed you!

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Rane (The Orchid with All Shades Pink) said...

that was a very cool account of it all.. i really missed MDR..

Aarthi said...

Cool! :D

You missed writing this - Artz kept wishing me every hour which I thought was one message that was getting delivered 15 times!! Duh!!

Esther said...

Cute Birthday!! =P
You indeed had a very nice time eh!? :P
*I'm one among those who can forget wishing someone on their birthdays*


freelancer said...

aw,,,dats so sweet of yu to say that dear...i miss writing it too

freelancer said...

@ artz...
oh yea...i did?
sowie... foot ! :P

freelancer said...

@ esther
lols...remind me to remind yu in the future...hehe said...

hey nice blog :)
how are you??

freelancer said... doing ok shokay...thanx fr the visit :P

Param! said...

Hey der lot to explore in ur blog chk ya sooon... t/c

DreamerGurl said...

hey! i tagged you on my blog! check it out!

by the way, i'm sorry it rained on your birthday. :P

peace. :)

Rose said...

Arre...happy Birthday yaar...How did I manage to miss that??:(

freelancer said...

grrrrr.....dun remind me gal! yu stay out of cntct...dnt pick up my calls...
grrrr grrrrr

Kaka said...

nice blog:)

Esther said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Rose said...

m really sorry buddy:(

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