Hello everyone!!

Well..myself Aayush.

I suddenly got this SMS from this girl saying : You have to right a post for the scribblings by Friday.

Her wish, my command. So here I'm. I'm not a blogger, I write for myself, whenever I feel like, and sometimes for the girl of my life, my Rose or gulabo(as many of you call her!)

Firstly, Let me take some credits here as it was me who gave her this name :D
Ummm...and the logic behind this name, I'm sure many of you may be wondering about that,
she looks like a rose, and she matches the colour of a rose, all the time :D
I'm totally clueless of what to write. May be I would firstly jump to the relationship we share. Rose is my best friend forever. I have known this girl for sometimes now, she is, what you can refer to as, my girlfriend of two years (though we hate calling each other Gf or Bf...not suitable for us!!)

I'm still discovering this unpredictable girl!
Everyday I get to know about one or other quality of her ( Yes, they are her qualities, my talented friend!).
Two days back I found that she is a fighter and doesn't easily give up against injustice.
She is going through one of the most difficult times of her life due to some nasty Govt. Institution's fault (and this is the reason for her absense from the blos world. A happy girl suddenly faces the most unexpected turn of her life! Honestly, troubles come looking for her, all the time! And damn! They always find her!)

You'll never find a girl who can be showing so frequent mood swings!

I guess enough about her! I hope FL you are not fuming. You are a wonderful writer. Rose makes me read all the posts of her blogs! I like the way this guy puts all the things happening to him in few words! Bravo Dude!!

I'm yet to discover this blogging world. May be some time sooner, you'll find a blog guy!

And finally, about me. (I go by the Sanskrit tradition--they, you and then I :P:P)
I'm a freshly turned 18 yr young guy. A budding engineer. I'll be starting for my dream institution this year, read IIT Kanpur :D ( Cracked the JEE....yipeeee!!)

Oh yes,I guess I'll grab this opportunity to thank some people for my success in life.

My Mom : Without whose support and determination, I know I wouldn't have been here, where I'm today. Thanks a lot Mamma...I love you :)

Rose : Alright, you need an emotional support too...and yes, she is a emotional support vent machine!lol! And yeah, we discussed many questions together, helping both of us I guess!

My college Mates at NSIT : NSIT is the college, whose part I was in my gap year, persuing B.E. in computer Science there. My friends there were very helpfull with all the college work, as I was rarely attending classes due to my preparation, and yes, they helped me with my preparation too!

Brilliant Tutorials : The people there are always ready to help their students. I owe my success to them.

And finally,

The Almighty Power : Without him, I wouldn't have been here, and I wouldn't have been what I'm today. ( I hope I'll be able to make Rose believe into theism one day...hmmm...only if wishes were horses.)

I guess, I have bored you guys enough...forgive this novice:P

I'll sign off now, and I hope to get some more opportunity to write for here:)

God Bless Us All,


P.S. Do pray for Rose, for the li'l girl is going through a lot these days.

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freelancer said...

kickass post!!! awesome....
and no...lol...m not fuming at all...the reason behind the guest post is to write anythn and evrythn...though that silly gal got one thing wrong....its Friday and the theme is Saturday Night Fever...lol
N yep we wil pray fr her...damn didn't know she was having this trouble with her life....and damn man! yu cracked JEE!! i dropped a year n still couldn't get past....stopped by about 7 marks!! aargh!!!

All the best bro...and see yu soon in the blogosphere

Aarthi said...

Hey Ayush,

Superb post! Great to know you!

And damn, Rose going through a tough time... She will come out safe, smooth and strong! :)

Bless you guys!


Umang said...

wow aayush...
i never knew u cud write this well...
seems rose ka kuch zyaada hi asar hua hai tujhpe... :P
keep up the good work bro...
wishing u an awesome life at iitk and luking forward to more and more from u... :)

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