No, am not whining! Big boys don't whine. Maybe a little but who cares? I don't wanna go back to that fucking college again! Its sheer torture looking at the bland faces of the professors while they make you stand the whole frigging period for no reason whatsoever! Apparently, they have this notion that if there is a voice anywhere within his hearing has to come from FL! What am i supposed to do?? Tuck my shirt and stand up and look at their grotesque faces!

Results will be out soon. 
That is of no concern to me at all... You know why! 3 more days with my parents and sis! Yes, i am typing crap! Yes, my mood is off! What, only you can have mood swings??? Is mother's love the only unconditional love in this universe??? No, don't answer that> i might kill you! I am turning into a moron day by day. No, unquote that. Quote this, effing minute by minute. 

I am done. Wasted! Love Life's a frigging mess! Don't ask 'bout it. Won't say 'bout it. Bad news happens to be around the corner waiting to bash me in the head! and in the heart! My Uncle is diagnosed with cancer. Pretty serious. Got the news today. His family doesn't know yet. Mom's crying since morning. He is my fav. He is everyone's favorite. And Bloody Frigging God decides to punish people who actually cares for the world. My uncle is doubt! His lungs are damaged...but his heart...hah!! try to damage that!

When tragedy strikes, it has an uncanny irritating habit of striking at the heart! Full on! Everything around me is turning grey!! And on top of that, the weather makes it feel that someone made this place the South Pole! 

44 people follow this blog but somehow only 6 or 7 of them manages to leave a comment. Is the template too tacky for your choice?? Well, here's an idea. Remove it from your blogroll! Rose is back...and she's the co-author. So read her posts too. If its not so unconvinient for you gentle folks.

Yes, i am rude. I am sorry for that. Am hurt, frustrated, sad and angry! If you can pacify me, go ahead.
Till tomorrow brings another dark day,
its FL signing off

Hakuna Matata  (means NO WORRIES) (yea its not helping me at all)

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Anonymous said...

I am really sorry about ur uncle :(

Awwww FL.. hope for the best!!

First time, this blog.. made me sad..

God bless you!

P.S. Layout is nice...

*Shreya* said...

awwwwwwwwww :(

its like a rollercoaster...sounds too philosophical to be true, but trust me, a person like ME believes its true, so it has to be :)

and...i left a comment :)

Shimmer said...

Hope ur uncle recovers soon :)
thers a lot of "very thanam" seen here in this post..

if u dont know what that means.. contact NUchu :D:D

take care :)

Samadrita said...

Whoa you sound like a troubled teenager you know.Whatever you do don't do crack..hang in there buddy! :D

Okay you can ignore the above part.I was kidding!
On a different's not a smooth bed or roses right?We all face ups and downs.So deal with it already.If you are faced with bad times at the moment maybe that means better times are awaiting you! :)

P.S:Happy New Year!

Tweety said...

ohk i am first time on the blog...n ouch u r frustated :( :(

srry fr ur uncle...bad things happen...but u toh were so cheery...n thanks to u i cheered up last night FL...God bless u for that...i needed that like hell...

God bless u...N i ll comment pakka se :)

Sanjukta said...

Hope ur uncle gets well and cmon,things will get better ..cheer up!
and hmnn,this template looks pretty cool btw..luv it how i keep seeing a total new look of ur blog whenever I check it! :)

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