When FL asked me to write a post on this blog, I scratched my head and wondered what will I write about. It is difficult for me to write now a days. My blog lays barren most of the time too. But it was an offer I couldn't refuse. There is something about this guy that I absolutely adore. I don't know why or how. He is one of the few virtual friends that I keep in touch in the real life too and one of the few persons that I genuinely like too.

Enough of flattery now, I guess. I am still stuck on what to write. I am a crazy girl who loves reading, writing and music. I love my guitar, my blog and my books. And I love my children. I teach at a MAD class. I believe that education can solve most of the problems that we face today and everyone at Make A Difference believes the same. Oh! I love everyone there... :) They are the part of the week that I look forward to. The ONLY reason I get up early.

Now, Im lost again. I hate talking about myself... (You wouldnt think that if you spoke to me but it is indeed true!)

I re-read some of FL's past posts today. Just to get inspired. Read him rant about how he misses his girl. I so know that feeling. Wanting to hug someone who is so far away. Just hold hands. Watch a movie. Ah that got me on a rant, didnt it? I sometimes hate the damn internet. Gets people who are so far away so close. Then it is time to part once again. But I guess the time spent together makes it worthwhile.

Damn. It is irritating and frustrating to even think about it. Stupid songs remind you of them. And you are here, sitting and having that stupid grin on your face while the rest of your family thinks you have absolutely lost it. Double damn!

The worse and the most irritating part is when you have just met and you are returning back, you start counting days for the next visit. Almost like you are living from one visit to another. Like the person who makes stupid tally marks on the wall of his prison cell. By that records, I got around 53 days. Fuck that is LONG.

Before I say anymore random stupid things, I shall sign off. Happy Blogging to everyone.

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freelancer said...

i am still counting the days for your trip to chennai :)

first para was total maska lols!!!

RV said...

Ab sach bolo to maska lagta hai, to main kya karu? :P

Eyeshadow said...

watch a movie 2gethr.....???????

freelancer said...

@ eyeshadow
didn't understand ur question!

RV is talking bout her memories :)

Anonymous said...

Nice post :))

Shimmer said...

Sweet :D

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Rose said...

cute :D

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