Hola folks Ssup at your end??? Know what? Recently heard the Punjabi track of ‘Iktara’ and am nuts about it :)  

I need clothes! New ones! Don’t think i can ask dad this time! I still have to pay off my debts. Maybe i’ll save for a change :P Shocking na? Hehe Everything’s fine at my end! Well not everything. Love life’s still a bit rusty. But its comparatively calm after the new year thunder. Oh yea! Dad and me ain’t talking! Family fued! Hmmph!  

Rest everything is laid to rest! Shook off my nonsensical wayward blues and looking forward for the new year! The sun is shining, the chicks are crossing the road....my eyes scans them for a second before coming to rest at the laptop. Good News! My bhabi gave birth to a tiny boy. Oh yea...real tiny! Nusrath, are you listening??? :P Well no, she ain’t the bhabi i always write bout. This one’s different. Nonetheless, one of my favs :) Am yet to see the kiddo. That means another trip to Jorhat for a couple of days. Hmmm...lets see. Kangkana is leaving for Delhi on 6th. Will be all alone once again. She’s the bright sun in my bleak life when am in my hometown. Doc’s appointment around the corner. That means another dose of meds. Bleh! Hogging on chicken and pork daily! I dream about the wild boars i saw at Kaziranga National Park. They come in my dreams these days. Stuck up a rod and roasted. Yummmy!!! Our old dog gave a visit a few days back! 

Brought a bloody bitch along with him! Look at his guts! Dogs these days...i am telling you! My correspondence in Journalism from London School of Journalism starts in about a fortnight J Really looking forward to it. It costs about 22 grand for 15 months. But i will be finally doing something i would really enjoy. Didn’t watch New Moon. Didn’t watch Avatar either! Yes, watched Rocket Singh! o_O I know! Hey, watched 3 Idiots too! Got a MVM get-together tomorrow. Might go! Its 10 a.m in the morning and FL is signing off for today.  

Keep the FAITH. Keep the HOPE coming! Humanity is alive on that. Hakuna Matata  

P.S| Nusrath dear....its time...hehe :P

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Anonymous said...

I WISH I hadn't seen the post! :(



sulagna said...


mad o wat!!!

♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ ayu ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ said...

lolz. XD

Lipi said...

lol @dog coming with a bitch :P

SiLeNt WaVeS said...

tu na sudhrega nai!!!!! :P..tak care guy!!!

freelancer said...

@ nusrath
but dear, it was for u only :P

freelancer said...

@ sulagna
maine kya kia??
*innocent face*

freelancer said...

@ lipi
lols...how u dng??

freelancer said...

@ ayu
:D :)

freelancer said...


Abby said...

get together!!?? who else is even left there to come?

freelancer said...

lols abby
same bunch
substitute upala for tanaya

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