Hey people, 
yes its still me! No, am not Angelina Jolie. Not not even Brad Pitt. So suck it up :P

Why am i blogging today?? Coz its as good as any other day! No, am not sleepy! I sleep late at night and till late into the day. Sleep was always my problem. When i was a kid, absolutely adorable i was! Anyways, SRK's sayings remind me of my childhood too! When i was a kid, mom didn't use to pat me to sleep! She beat me to sleep! She says i gave her terrors! Are you kidding meh?? She was the one with that monstrous stick! Anyways, now she is sleeping! Yes! i get to surf porn!!

Oh actually can't. Sis is still awake! Recently read a blog called 'And the Gods Made Love'. Hilarious blog! 17 year olds doing a helluva job over there. One of the best blogs i read in the new year! My friend MJ is going to meet his gal this Sunday! SO?? yea 'so' mean even i wanna meet my gal but am stuck here for another 8 days!!! Bro said its raining in Chennai. WHOA!!!! the Copenhagen climate meet really did wonders i guess!!! Hope my friends over there enjoyed! Rain is RARE!!! Hell rare is also a frequent said word! Its Rarer than Rare. Something like Rarwrwrw.... That makes sense! No one uses words like this!

Just found out that a whole lot of my farmer folks crossed me in Farmville! Oh they are gonna pay!!! No more free cows for you!! Wouldn't it be wonderful if ZYNGA created famine in Farmville too!!! Go goddess famine...struck those who crossed me while i was offline :) :D

And what the heck was that stuff with the females and Facebook and the color of their BRA?! I learnt it was something of breast cancer awareness drive...but it ended with other gals commenting like...'meri bhi black'.....'how can your's be green??' o_O!!!!
I found all the colors except maybe indigo! damn poor rainbow! Some poor guy who had no clue what the gals were updating about....posted his status message 'YELLOW'!

Got my Internet connection today finally!!! Kudos to me!
Oh yes, gotta go! Dad's checking on me! Poor guy, he thinks i haven't grown up yet!
Its FL signing off
(sorry for the fart)


P.S|Gulabo...your exams are over. Get your ass over here...will ye?? :P
P.P.S| Our own Rashi a.k.a Psychedchick of Rocky Road...once again will be the guest author for Saturday Night Fever. Oh yea its back!! 
love you

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Anonymous said...

You are really weird!!!

freelancer said...

lols....i know that...how many times wil u say that??

♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ ayu ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ said...

rain is also rare here..haha..you play farmville..? wow ~! ^_^

Girlie Stuffs said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Donno what else to comment on your posts, that's y :D

freelancer said...

wats or who is GIRLIE STUFFS?>??

Vagabond said...

et tu Brutus?

southpark should be better =P
ramble on =P

btw congratulations on the net connection =)

Anonymous said...

hahah.. Girlie stuff, is my another Id!

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