Just a quick update to let you all know that i am still alive and still kicking ass wherever i find any. Also to all the people who haven't bother to give me a call, may you have loose motion for a week :D

My BB is dying. The keypad is in a state of coma and the screen keeps getting blank every few minutes. Not to mention the fact that the silent and vibration profiles do not work as they are supposed to. And the only calls I get are from my girl, my mother and various assholes trying to sell me something. I need to find a way to pataofy dad into getting me another cell. Mom is always the answer but i doubt it will work this time around. 

Enough of mobile talk now. Btw am out of twitter. Yeah, after 35000 tweets, i have decided to give myself a break. Well no, i didn't decide, my mobile did. but what the hell. I spend my days drooling at my book blog or by reading novels. And yeah i decided to get a part time job till i clear my backlogs. Customer Support at Amazon.com. Blah!! Thank God, i don't pick up calls!!

Giving cooking a rest too since bro and bhabi are always home these days.  That allows me freedom to play FIFA 12!! yeah baby!!! Okay chalo, ab i am going. 

Catch you later. Until then, its FL signing off

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Sanjukta said...

i haven't visited ur blog in like..forever! I missed it! So glad u still keep updating, even though they are so tiny [compared to how much u wrote before :P]

Lizzie said...

lol goodluck for the phone!

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