14th May '09

hey people...how's life? Gosh am tired today.... Anways woke up as early as 5 in the morning....had a flight at 9....you see.... Breakfast was a sorry affair....there was nothing in the hotel...except tea! Reached airport in time and checked in without any hassles....the weather was good...the spirits were high...but err....the condition of the plane was not what you would call by looking at it...the SAFEST!!! darned JETLITE! God knows where Dad got those tickets...
bleh!! the hostesses don't even wear skirts...only sarees...gah! what's the use of flying if you don't get to see legs! Ate whatever was available in the flight without glancing at the rates...i knew they would loot eventually...what's the point in looking at the rates? So finally the plane did manage to land at the Veer Savarkar airport in Port Blair....and we were officially in the Andamans...*waits to hear the claps*

Now the first thing that greeted us...was the lashing rain! i didn't know whether to curse God or hail him. I didn't want the 40 degrees heat....neither did i want the stupid water leaking from the clouds......Dad's contact came with a van and we happily bundled inside. Now i had such big, nice, sweet dreams about me lounging around in the beach, appreciating skimpily clad blondes and redheads and even indians enjoying in the sea....but as always am the unluckiest person on earth!!! Dad trooped us all into a so-so hotel right in the middle of the city! I was totally gobsmacked......i wasn't prepared for this at al. Okay...lets just forget the blondes and the bikinis... i just wanted a hotel nearer to the sea! Nay...that was not to be...

Sightseeing began at around 3p.m.....the rain stopped as early as it could...The first place we visited was Corbyn's beach.....Now that's a lovely beach with palm trees all around it.....no waves....water crystal blue and green. Its just about 7 kms from the capital. Not many people were there though...mostly because it was nearing twilight and also coz of the noon rain....2 or 3 couples were loitering in the beach and judging by the looks on their faces they were probably going to make out later in the beach and didn't approve of the unwanted company (us...to be specific)....ahh.....bliss for them. The 2nd stop we made was at a SCIENCE Center.....Now that was kid stuff....Still at 50, dad had the heart of a young cub and sprinted around with my sis....
The last stop was the CELLULAR JAIL....also known as the infamous kala-pani during the British regime. It had an open air auditorium where we all gathered....the place gave me the creeps....they had a sound-and lights thingy that told the history of the jail and the revolutionaries...of the hangings......and it literally gave me goosebumps all through the time i was there. Nevertheless i loved it....Dad got hyper-emotional and kept glaring at me whenever i talked with sis while the show was going on.

Came back to the hotel and watched IPL.....had chowmein for dinner...i kno i am tired with these chinese stuff....but didn't know of any nice hotels yet...that's it mates...The first day in Andamans didn't turn up too bad...despite the lack of babes in bikinis....*sigh*

Signing off now....cheerio
Hakuna Matata

P.S 1) clicked lots of pics...but my silly sis left the data cable at home...so will upload it once am safely home....lol
2) kaj....lol...u made me a frog....lol...thanx btw
3) rose...kabhi kabar fone on kar lena chahiye

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Bhargav Saikia said...

JetLite hostesses suck, literally. Once I had the good fortune to even splash some ketchup on their Sari..lol..unintentionally ofcourse and the best part was that she wasn't a tad aware about it! hehehe

Swiss Airlines has beautiful hostesses, trust me! :D

so yeah..wishing you good luck with your "blonde hunting (in bikinis)" on day 3! :D Have fun!

Anonymous said...

sorry for the hotel disappointment.. lol..may be daddy dearest knew his son way too well to place him near the sea ;) and heheheh didnt make you a frog actually, complimented your sense of humor.. i really like it.. :)

freelancer said...

wish meluck...lol

Rose said...

Firstly, all dad's are like that..trust me!
We are plannin' a vacation too, and he loved this idea of goin' to land of "kala-pani"..:D
Hope you get have the holidays that you dreamt off!!
Stop calling your sis silly now, alrite??!!X(

Rose said...

Oh and yes, about the phone..I toggle between on and off mode of my phone...exams!!!

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