As i said fellas, i woke up pretty late and had to run after the bus...thankfully i reached college in time. Still had bout half an hour so just decided to go through my books a teeny weeny bit more....But as usual that was not to be...Afroze came running into my room...Now this guy had an uncanny knack of being present at the most important time with the most unnecessary gibberish regardless of the situation. he sat beside me and said, "dude know what?? had an awesome date yesterday!!!" and i was like,"beta, kuch padh lo...aaj kya date ke baare mein likhega...?". lol...that guy was the least bothered about the

When i got the paper in my hand i knew i was royally screwed. Now i just had to bid my time somehow...Managed to find a theme for my post in TWL and started writing that in the back of the question paper lol...finally the ordeal was over....met my roomie halfway down the hall...he was in jubilant mood. Forget the fact that's he gonna flunk this paper, he's happy that his sems are over and going home on 7th!!! that dumb cretin!!!

Reached home by 1p.m and then slept a bit. My roomie left almost immediately to meet with his friends. He made me promise to join them at the mall later that evening....yea i had to buy some inner stuff lol.... I wole up at around 5 and went to Domino's. yea yet again and then went to the airport...yu see i didn't book my tickets going home after 12th.... Finally got a ticket...sheesh don't believe the rates the websites give...they practically looted me high and dry at the airport. It was already about 7 so canceled the mall plan and returned back home to watch bionic woman!!! No dinner already full....My atm is showing signs of emergency again...Fuck!!!!

My ex-gal rang me out of the blue...chatted with her about pointless stuff for a while. wrote another post for TWL....watched X-Men i missed Gambit!!!! that's it folks...
c yu around
hakuna matata

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Rose said...

ur daily life...honestly...they r fun to read :D

by the way how do you write for TWL???

freelancer said...

hmmm...kajal invited want to write??? just send me ur email id...i wil forward it to her....or you can gv ur email id in this comment...kajal's gonna read it once 2day...she's the admin in TWL

Anonymous said...

this is what I call the 'daily dose of freelancer' :D

I am not 'the admin' .. I am 'one of the admins' :P and yeah Rose is most welcome to join in.. :D and how sweet of you to be sure ki I will definitely come here for a read.. :D

freelancer said...

lol...i have my high hopes on you...coz you sre the only other person apart from Rose to go through my stuff lol

Rose said...

roses and orchids love to read freelancer :P
hehehe...what a similarity between your readers by the way, no?
by the way my email id is

keep posying dude :D

Bhargav Saikia said...

Interesting! I have my exams starting in a week..similar condition! God save me ;)

freelancer said...

lol...he's watching

Anonymous said...

invited ya Rose.. :) i can see that some template change is happening.. i saw you tried 3 till now.. :)

freelancer said...

lol...yea wanted to change

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