Well as the duty and responisibility of the co-authur of this blog(the election fever is still on, so the polite language:P), I thought I must contribute to the blog too, and also because I just cant think of anything new to write, and also because today I really want to write...let it be anything.

So, here I'm...sorry if its interrupting the MDR series, but this guy is just so sweet, he has put the co-author's name on his page, under the tittle "THIS IS US!!", so just couldnt stop myself from writing here :P :D

Hmmm...seeems like the MDR bug has bitten and 'm also just too keen to write about my day today, nothing new happened except that I prepared the breakfast for my family today...scrammbeled eggs and toasts...my first war in the kitchen.Lol! Seriously, the kitchen alone can offer so many adventures to write about, specially for an amateur cook like me :D

The post would be incomplete without mentioning about this guy, freelancer, who's just so honest, and possessing this latent talent of writing and keeping vellas like me entertained :D I just dont know how he came across my blog, but buddy, thanks for appreciating it. It encourages me to write :P
I just love the way you write...keep up the good work :)

I'm sitting here, with my books scattered here, thinking what to study, and with the loop play of Taylor Swift's Lovestory and James Blunt's You are beautiful. Lovestory is one song that is very popular nowadays, everyone around me is humming that so gotta listen to it...just trying to make out what she's singin...lol and the later one, you are beautiul, is one song that I hated just because of the stupid voice and funny lyrics, but suddenly I fell in love with this song :D

M off...better study, exam on 30th :D

P.S. 1) Freelancer, I know you didnt read my latest post on My World...pura:P. I dont blame you, its just too long, even I wouldnt read it...(C'mon I'm not discourging you guys not to read it, I can say that because I know what I have written!)
2)The pink orchid, I want to follow your page, but I cant follow your blog at present beacause there's some problem with the explorer, so its not showing any graphics. I'll fix it soon and join your blog. I just want to follow it, and keep myself updated with what you write, you rock :)
3)The scrammbled eggs were good, atleast mum dad liked it, so my first experience in the kitchen was good :D
4) "Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone
I'll be waiting, allthere's leftto do is run, you'll be the prince and I'll be the princess, it's a lovestory, baby just say yes.."

Lol...I have fallen in love with song :D

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freelancer said...

lol...thanx a ton rose...(i sill dunno ur real name)....but yu didn;t have to make me feel like am so sweet n all...lol(glad you did lol).
James Blunt....???? he wails like a gal....how do yu listn to him???

P.S. Yes Rose i did read ur entire post the first time itself, with what ur sis said about the ink to leaving ur glasses at home to not finding the party's sign to the shopaholic thingy and finally jumping with ur friend...lol...i never read ur post til midway...i like what you write and that's y i follow it....
What made you think that???

P.P.S am glad you are my co-author here

Rose said...

arre..bura nai man na tha yaar...i thought since i didnt read it myself...the whole thing, so that's why i thought k koi bhi nai padne wala :D...sorry sorry :)

n yes i hate his stupid voice, but the lyrics just say so much...:D

and my bout me real name...i would love it if you call me rose...this is what everyone calls me...though with their own modification like rosie, gulabo n rosalyn :D

keep writing...n i ll be dropping here occassionaly or may be more frequently :P...:)

n again thanks for the compliments:)

Anonymous said...

hehehheh i love scrambeled eggs.. :) cute post rose.. i like 'rose' was it 'rose' the name of actress of titanic..and 'jack dawson' hehheeeh you remind me of titanic now.. :D

and you can follow whenever you get your explorer fixed.. looking forward to your visits at the orchid.. BIG HUG! :D

lol..and 'gulabo' was cutely funny.. :P

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