Hey FL and Rose,

First of all, thanks a lot for inviting me to do the first post of Saturday Night Fever! Thank you for honoring me like this! :)

Alright guys and girls, for those who don't know me... here is a small introduction. I am Aarthi Venkatesh, known as Artz in the blog world! I am an English Literature graduate by education and an Architectural Consultant by profession! Fancy eh...? :P

I have been blogging for the last six months or so... and trust me, blogging is one thing that keeps me at peace with myself amidst this hectic job profile... I am supposedly the youngest CEO at the age of 21!??!

Today is Saturday (obviously it would be, since it is SNF for which I am writing) and the day began as usual... work and more of it! I have a meeting at Le Meridian Hotel in the evening and just after I am done with it, I am going to be leaving for my 3 day vacation! Yays!

Last few days of my life have been amazing! Want to know why? Ah, simple! I have made some new friends (Age no bar) and they have really been a blessing in disguise for me... some of them are FL, Rose, Sona, Leo, Roshni, Pulkit...trust me...they are so sweet!

I had always wanted to be someone who had loads of friends... not in the sense that friends with whom I can hang out... but FRIENDS in the true sense of it... some people whom I can look up to! I am a little introvert in the beginning and that had usually got me into a bit of trouble. You know something? It is all about 'Shedding all The Inhibitions' we have.

Lets not talk about anyone else here... lets talk about ME and how I did it!

I told you all that I was quite introvert, but that landed me into some serious problems with my acquaintances with whom I could have been great friends, I lost them all! I took a lot of time to realize that it was the fault on my part... I never tried to mingle with people, I never tried to shed all the inhibitions I had!

Secondly, I had to take up my dad's business after my graduation! I was so so so pessimistic about it! I had certain pre-conceived notions before even giving it a try! I cried, wailed, went into depression, but at the end of it... I was just hurting myself and the time was flying by! I understood what I need to do and here I am... with my dad, learning from the best brain of the industry and may be a very young CEO of an organisation! :)

Once you shed all those inhibitions you have, your soul will surely taste freedom...! May be at points in life you would not be able to do whatever you had wanted to but be rest assured, what Life is offering you today is for something better!

My second point of discussion here would be to respect each and everyone. Respect your parents, friends, your better half, your kids, neighbours...everyone for that matter! It will make you better than what you are...

With this philosophy I would want to end this post right here! I know this was way too boring for a start FL and Rose, hope you guys forgive me for this!

Love ya all...


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freelancer said...

youngest CEO??!!
man m J...
i need a bit of ur salary....lol
and bout shedding inhibitions.... we grow and learn as we grow up!!!
am glad to know that you have found ur friends in the true sense now

God bless ye

freelancer said...

oi gulabo...gimme me a cal asap..

Abby said...

CEO !!!!! damn.......makes me realise dat wat the hell am doin still studyin !!!

freelancer said...

well i can sefely say that i am feeling the same thing....misery shared bro

Abby said...

she is a rich CEO......am sure she can adopt us :P

freelancer said...

tu jaa bhaad mein...main le raha hu salary

Eyeshadow said...

hey arthi!!even u made me j...
u made me feel like a good for nothing old crap!!even i m an introvert and i am also in the process of making new frienz!!
Atleast u are emplyed!!
God bless!!

freelancer said...

@ eyeshadow
hehe maddy...won't say that yu r a complete intro...but yea...a lil bit...lol

Rose said...

Aarthi Di...thanks a lot:)

mmm...been keeping busy...bloggin' to dur, unhe padne ka bhi time nai mila...:(

I saw, Pratibha Didi left...what happened??:(

And FL< is this your Maddy??:D
Hi Maddy!

freelancer said...

Yep...she's mine...

Eyeshadow said...

Hi rose!!have heard a lot about you!!

Aarthi said...

Thanks a lot all you people...

AND STOP BEING 'J'... its not fun being a CEO at 21...! :P

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