Ummm...alright hi!

Your very own freelancer is back in his hometown, enjoying his mother's homemade food, the company of his kid sister, so all these things most of the times keep a person away from the virtual world of which he's a part when he's away from the real people. In Freelancer's case, I'm sure finding the homely environment, in a college like his is pretty difficult.

So, this very beautiful writer( by beautiful I mean his way of writing, nothing else:P), called me up, congratulating on my results, and then telling me which colleges are meant to drive students mad, and then finally saying with a pride and sigh of relief in his voice "I'm a 50 pc engineer now, 2 more years to go...that's about it!Yay!"

Hmmm, your freelancer will be back with a bang, I know, though I'm not sure when its gonna happen, and being a part of this blog, I cant lose all the readers. (Alright alright, I know I cant write like him,I'm actually nowhere near him, but you see, if we lose readership, I'll be the one who'll be blamed! A girl on leave is supposed to be more vella than a guy on a holiday:)

So, if I'm elligible to write about my daily ramblings--

Today was my best and worst day of life tll date! I bumped into a very old friend of mine almost after 12 years, suddenly! I was damn happy...but then the almighty power above cant see me happy for long. My sis came to my place in her new swift, and forced me to drive it...and I bumped it into a tree...and the rest of my day was spent crying and crying:(( Its not like that she scolded me or something, but I was really feeling bad for the new car..:((

Anyways, I better off to sleep...very tired after crying for almost the whole day..:D

Till the next time(I hope its freelancer then, so that I dont boter you with my gibbering),


4 heartbeats:

Ms.R. said...

Awwww... :)

Rose said...

@Ms. R
Ya...very sweet and thought provoking comment..:P:D

freelancer said...

aww....poor u seem to have a knack of inviting btw i wud love it if you started a MDR of your own too....

Anonymous said...

oye .. sweeto !! cheer up n keep writing !!

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