aah....the day started way late for me...it was about noon when i woke up...college already opened for the semester, but just like a true student....bunked the very first day itself.
Did i forgot to mention in my last post that i stayed at Nafi's place last night?? oh yea! So my gal came to her place to wake me up...hehe....actually she will go back to her hometown for a month....and i just can't bear the thought of missing any more seconds without her. So we just lazed around at her place. It was much much better than loafing around in this terrible heat! And god o god, you dunno what chennai heat is in the middle of june. Nafs cooked lunched for us...it was something i never tasted before....with egg and all....but it was....umm....delumptious!

Anyways watched Marley and Me, yea the movie.....til the sun finally set and then went out shopping. Now Maddy was like......'i wanna get some clothes'.....and i was like....'sigh!...sure!!'....lol
Maddy is my nickname for my gal btw. So off we went to T.Nagar, the busiest place in Chennai. Finally she decided to get a skirt. Thank heavens she got just one! My bro rang me up in the morning and he was like.....'you asshole! you returned from home and didn't meet me yet!!! And there you are roaming with your gal!!!'. And i was like...'chill bro, will be staying at your place tonight. Wil bring Maddy too.'

Poor guy....misses me like hell....though i have no idea why!!! Anyways i told him to meet us aty around 8p.m for dinner. So he and his gal and her sis finally came and we made our way to Barbeque Nation! It was my first time there....i know am lame but still finally i was there! The food was excellent, the dessert superb!!! I had crab again!!! Back at bro's place we did some photo-shoot for orkut...lol....goofed up all bro's pics until he went mad!!!

Anyways....its 7 in the morning...and am listening to Smelly Cat by Pheobe Buffay a.k.a Lisa Kudrow of F.R.I.E.N.D.S fame! Also am thinking of changing the template thingy again.... i love the background but hate the lack of columns...lol....

See you around
Hakuna Matata

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Anonymous said...

Barbeque nation is a good palce !! been in blore not chennai though ;) and abt this template .. loved it .. u just need to work a bit on the header !! it needs to cover all of the top :D

freelancer said...

yea...m workin on it....but nt being able to

Rose said...

I love Calvin and Hobbes!
My dad hates me for I always work on his philosophy, but I truly love Calvin:D
Thanks Thanks :D
So, you are not supposed to write about you, spending your day with your girl...makes me feel jealous,c'mon, I MISS MY GUY!!

Anyways, BN is a great place, though I hate the buffet system there, I want eat everything I see, but can't actually eat them...I have a really samell apetite you see :D

And glad to have you back here...:)

freelancer said...

lol...me glad to be back here too....and yea thanx for loving this template

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